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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Redundant choke cable

I'm curious to know what anyone who's switched to EFI uses the redundant hole in the dash for, where the choke control used to be. I've thought of rounding the hole out & using it for a driving light switch.Any other ideas ? Barrie E
Barrie Egerton


I used it for the milometer trip reset knob instead of it being lost under the dash.

Geoff King


I put a flashing red neon light in it, wired to ignition switch and battery isolator switch, hopefully to deter the un-godly and to remind me to put the isolator switch in before starting the engine and blowing the isolator fuse again !( which I still do !)

Michael barnfather

Could try a W/screen wiper delay/timer for very light rain. I've been keeping an eye out for one for a while, you used to be able to buy them every where but they seem to have disappeared from the shelves now that most new cars come with them already.


I bought one on E bay which works on the wiper switch the wipers on for one full wipe......then off........then on again for one full wipe...then off...and the first 'off' time determines the delay between wipes.

It was a bit difficult to master at first......but works really well, there is a little unit with a flashing light, but it's hidden under the dash now.

Michael barnfather

Try Dick Smith , Tandy etc.
They gave them as a general purpose variable delay timer so adapting one to do the wipers shouldn't be difficult.

Cheers, Pete.
P Thomas

Hella Australia still makes an intermittent wiper control, p/n 7010. Looks like the one that I installed on my '73 years ago.

Wayne Pearson

Any chance you could come up with the source for that delay unit?

Jim Blackwood


SmartScreen from the MGOC.


Geoff King

Second the SmartScreen, as Michael says it is just a little box which can be hidden away and you use the original wiper switch to control the delay. You don't need to wait the full wipe before turning the manual control off though, anywhere between 1/4 wipe and a full wipe will do.

Still leaves the problem of what to do with that hole though ... One of the ideas I had many years ago to reduce under-bonnet temperatures was to modify the hinges so as to be able to lift up the rear edge of the bonnet to give extra cooling when required, without changing the appearance with louvres. You could use the choke for that.
Paul Hunt


Or maybe a flap to feed hot air out of the engine bay, possibly through the air intake on the scuttle?

Not much room above the heater box unfortunately

Michael barnfather

The problem with raising the rear of the bonnet, like removing the foam and rubber sealing strips from the back edge, has always been in my mind that some engine compartment fumes would be ducted down the intake into the cabin. Cutting a vent directly into the intake would guarantee that *all* of them would end up in the cabin :o) Even shutting off the 'fresh air' vents and the heater would still allow some in. Gas masks standard equipment?
Paul Hunt

I could not think of anything useful to replace the choke so I just cut the cable down to an inch and put a spring onto it to create a dummy choke control. Satisfies the reflex urge to operate the choke regardless of the EFI not using one.

Geoff Richmond

In my V6 it is now the heater source, pull it out, and voila!!
Bryan Heidtman

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