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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Road test V8

Nice article for all you collectors.
Gerald Harper

This link loses in the translation somehow..............go to home page, go another couple of pages and search for MG. Best of luck!!
Gerald Harper

These old car mag road tests are available at reasonable prices at almost every MG show I've been to...and you can examine it first, and save excessive postage costs....just my 2 pennorth.
David Smith

David, in many instances you are completely right, yet there are many people who are unable to get to the shows, perhaps they work at weekends, are disabled or for whatever reason you could think of. This is a conversation which is always being held; why do people buy new stuff, or indeed anything, at online auctions and have to pay the postage? The answer is that this is now a global economy, I have sold items all over the world, NZ, Saudi, US, etc. etc. because there aren't many MG shows in Malaysia or Thailand or wherever. I believe your comments are valid for you, who is lucky enough to be able to attend perhaps 100 shows a year in the UK, but you are in a very fortunate position, many enthusiasts and collectors have to admire through magazines and the web. Just my 2 cents worth!!
alan skelton

having both worked in IT and played with MGs for over 25 years I do not need lecturing on the global economy and am a regular buyer on ebay - of stuff I can't get locally. However I view buying anything unseen as a last resort. I am simply reminding people that there is an alternative source with some benefits - perhaps for younger people who have never got around to attending an MG show and are not aware of just how much is available. From your posting you are a seller rather than a buyer, and will have your own vested interest in promoting e-business, ie no travel costs, no stands to rent, huge time savings, same prices therefore bigger margins. Good luck to you !
David Smith

Anyhow, somebody please post the correct URL!

Online auctions are typically of periods of 3 to 10 days. the item's probably closed by now.....
David Smith

If ever you have problems with a URL with several forward slashes in it i.e. navigation to a forward page try progressively shortening the URL. In this case you have to go right back to
then you can follow your nose into books or anything else.

Paul Hunt

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