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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Ron Hopkinson Sway bar kits

Does anyone have a current telephone number for Ron Hopkinson in England. The one I have is 0332 756056. I'm not having any luck with this number. I either get a really fast busy signal or a lovely voice saying my call can't be completed. It this number still good?

All I want is an official Ron Hopkinson sway bar kit. Who better to go to than Ron Hopkinson, right?
Thanks for any help
Wally Jonker


Number is OK. You could try email


I have 011-44-1-332-756056 too. Their sway bar kits are sweet. Somewhat controversial, though. They make a 2nd-generation Handling Kit which is just a bit more forgiving than their old kit.

British Telecom should apologise to you - they changed all the codes over here a couple of times recently.This UK code went from 0332 to 01332. so Ted has it right.
David Smith

Not BT, but Oftel.
Paul Hunt

Yes, sorry Paul - I've only worked in comms and IT for 20+ years....!
David Smith

Having made many parts hunting calls to the UK in the middle of the night here in California, I too found out very early on that the "0" in the UK area codes needs to be changed to a "1" when dialing from the States. So the numbers end up as 011-44-1XXX-XXXXXX

Paul Kile
Paul Kile

Well that explains it. I forgot the "1" I was just dialing 011-44-332-75-6056.
Thanks for the info everyone! But now it's the right time of day, but it's Saturday and I'll bet he isn't open!

Paul thanks for the e-mail address. That makes things a bit more cheaper!

I'll give it a shot!
(I need the rear sway bar in place so the exhaust shop knows where to route the pipes.)

What's this about a 2nd generation kit?? If it's that much better, I'd rather have that. Ted what do you think?

Thanks again
Wally Jonker

Minor correction to PaulK's note - most (but not all, the remainder had completely different codes) UK numbers had a 1 inserted between the 0 and the remainder of the number not long ago as David Smith implies. If you are using 'old' numbers then it would appear that you have to replace the zero with a 1 as Paul says, but if you are using the new numbers it will not get you anywhere useful.

Paul Hunt

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