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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Rover 4.6 Litre

Hey everyone. I was wondering if anyone out there was running a 4.6 litre motor in their B's? Gt or roadster, doesnt matter. What did you do about the fuel injection and what about the distributorless ignition system that came on these motors? Also, will the 4.6 bolt up to a T5 (or T56, in my dreams) with the already available bellhousings? Just wondering. Thanks

Also, what was the power rating of the 4.6? Thanks again

I'm running a 4.6, but currently carbureted so no help here. The 4.6 will bolt up to a T5 with the same bellhousing as 3.5.. If memory serves correct stock horsepower is 225.

Where did you find your 4.6? I've been checking E-Bay pretty regularly and haven't seen one yet. It doesn't seem worth it to order one from overseas (RPI, etc) but they're not exactly common in the salvage yards around here.
Doug DeLong

John Eales always has a range of Rover V8 engines available, in different capacities and states of tune, new, new and modified, and sometimes used.

Over the years I have bought three from him 3.9. 4.0 & 4.6.

His prices are very fair. If you call him the best time is between 17:30 and 18:30.

John Eales
Claybrook Mill
Frolesworth Lane
Claybrook Magna
Lutterworth Leicestershire LE17 5DB
Telephone 01455 202909

No connection other than a satisfied customer.

Safety fast

Nigel Steward

If you are looking for engines, Rovers Canibal has the majority of engines that you are looking for. You can find them on the web. You may also want to call a Jerry DanLess. I bought my engine from him and it sounded like he had more available. His email is and he is very helpful.

Dan Lagrou at D & D Fabrications has made several bellhousings to adapt the T-56 6-speed trans to the Rover V-8 (810) 798-2491.
Kurt Schley

This thread was discussed on 26/06/2002

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