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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Rover/BuickV8 into MGB

just had a question about puting a rover 3500 into a late model MGB. I've been told the later cars have the appropriate body mods to make if fit. My car has an early style rad, and I know I would have to move that. What else is invoved in putting a 3500 into my car? I've found a kit that will allow me to instal a GM 3.4L V6 and it is apparently quite straight forward, but I would much rather do a rover V8.

Get the book by Roger Williams. Tells you all you need to know. But I'm not sure the V6 would be all that bad. I love my V8 and I've had it for years but I detest the overheating problem -- I've done everything humanly possible and simply thrown gobs of cash at the problem and I'm still not where I wanna be. On a hundred degree day, bright sun, traffic, it's a no-go. Can't hack it.

I don't know if those V6s have the torque that the bigger V8s do -- the torque's what really makes the experience of a BV8 so magical -- but if they come close, the V6s sure look like neat little installations. And they appear pretty bombproof. Really the *only* thing I don't like about V6s is the sound ... no matter how you slice it, they're not gonna sound the same. But they can still be made to sound more than acceptable.

What do you mean by late model MGB? I have a 74 Ĺ MGB with a Rover 3.5 and it originally had the earlier style rad which as you know has to be moved. I had to beat the inner fenders down somewhat to take the block hugger headers, if you were going to use the RV8 header which exit through the wheel wells then you would have to cut them. The only other modification I had to do to the body was to beat up the transmission tunnel a bit. I canít say much about the kit re GM 3.4 V6, but if you are doing eh V8 and have to do some modification to the engine bay then you might want to consider installing louvers through the fender wells to dump some of the V8 heat.



Read through this site to get an idea of what is involved, the article by Roger Parker is the best place to start, he tells you exactly how to do the job.

And for those who have nice V8 and V6 conversion, that is my site and it is desparately in need of some new input, if you have any photos you would be happy to share I would appreciate being able to post them.

There is quite a bit of information, including "how to get started" tips on the British V8 Newsletter site. www.Britishv*.org
Kurt Schley

Did you not have to make any bulkhead mods? What x-member and steering combo did you go for?

Ian Johnston

The only modifications I had to do was to beat up the tranny tunnel a bit to take the transmission which was a T5 from a 89 Chevy Camero. The passengers side engine head sits about ľĒ off the bulkhead/firewall. (Motor mounts from D&D)
I used the existing stock cross member for my year and the existing stock steering (rack and pinion etc) I did have to beat on the header a bit to get it to clean the pinion (steering rod) but that was it.

Curious, do you still have to reef on the tranny tunnel sides if you use a HTOB? The bump next to my gas pedal annoys me (Rover 5-speed w/regular slave setup and thus the need for the bump) -- I shoulda used the HTOB. (I realize this doesn't save having to deal with the top of the tunnel.) Next car.


Iím curious too. Assuming your car is LHD the Rover 5 speed box will have the clutch slave on the passenger side.

Geoff King

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