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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Rover M16/T16 conversion?

Hi all,

I'm new to this board as I usually frequent the MGB and MG Maestro/Montego boards.

I'm planning on teaming up with a mate of mine to put a more modern 4 cylinder lump into a 78 BGT, which is to include such improvemnets as fuel injection/turbo, 5speed box etc.

So I was wondering if any one here has either used or played with the idea of using the rover 2.0 M16/T16 engine from the 800 series vitesse/Sterling?

Tried to see if there was anything in the archive but drew a blank.

All thoughts appreciated.


malcolm watson

Click on "cars" on the left of this link, and then "Engine 2"

AV a butcher's at the following:

Some nice efforts there and plenty of pointers.

Shame Abingdon never proceeded with the O series in the MGB... the car it was originally designed and intended for.

Thank's guys, will check them out.

malcolm watson

Didn't Roger Parker do this years ago?
Mike Howlett

One for sale on eBay at the moment.
Could be a good person to talk to if you are serious about doing this.

I D Cameron

Eric Dimmock the Sunday Times motoring correspondent had a reshelled roadster built using the Rover twin cam T16 engine, when I road tested it for the MGCC Safety Fast Magazine in October 1992. I thought it to be an excellent conversion. Eric told me he had a lot of problems with the fuel injection system and Lucas had sent engineers with a new wiring loom to sort the problems out. The car was built for Eric by Beechdown Garage nr Reading at a cost then of 13,500 this included the engine, 5 speed gearbox, bodyshell etc. John Hills at Reddich also did a similar conversion.
The engine produced around 130 bhp which provided lots of torque throughout the range. I can let you have a copy of my original road test draft if you let me have your address ( I dont have the draft on the computer and its rather long). As someone has suggested Roger Parker at the MGOC will have some thoughts on this and the best way to approach it.
Best of luck.
David Askew

Email Sent.

Thank's for the offer!, Should be an interesting read.

malcolm watson

I'm on a similar venture with my other B.
I bought a Nissan SR20-DET Front clip recently.....This is a 4cyl turbo engine which stock puts out 250 bhp. Looks so far to be a relativly simple install except for all the wiring!
DTR Ross

Well, thanks for all the help guys, my mate managed to buy this one for a fair price.

Needs minor cosmetics and is currently running on a pair of webber side drafts, all though all the injection gear came with it.

looking forward to getting it on the road, and having soem fun.

If all's well with it, we will be doing another to match.

malcolm watson


Where in West Yorkshire are you?

I've already fitted an O Series in my GT and running it for about two years. I'm now building a T16 engine to fit in a heritage shell. Bought a crashed 1996 Rover 420 with all bits neccessary, would be pleased to go thro' any problems you. I live on Morley and work in Bradford, feel free to contact me.

Steven Williams

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