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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - rover sd1 back axle

Hi all
I would like to use an SD1 v8 back axle and diff as detailed in Roger William's v8 conversion book. It seems that the firm mentioned as specialists, A1 Fabrications, are no longer trading. Does anyone know if this is true? If so, has anyone got any personal experience of the work needed on the rover halfshafts? I live in a remote area and the local engineering shops are reluctant to respline a shaft. How about shrinking and welding mgb hub flanges onto the cut ends of rover shafts?
Nick Bentley


Most involved no longer trade apart from

However, it will be an expensive one off and will probably require uprated shafts from the US.



I went down this route in 1997/98.

A1 have gone, but the engineering is not beyond the capability of a good machine shop.

As Paul says, the half-shafts are not up to the job, mine twisted fairly early on in the game, and I got some from Strange in Canada, who make kit for dragsters, via Robinson Race.

I'm quite happy with the axle........but if I did it again, I would stick with an MGB V8 diff in a standard axle.

M Barnfather

Thanks Paul & Mike
That has certainly given me some food for thought....As I already have an SD1 axle lying around I will probably have a go at it and see how it comes out. How much abuse can it take before I need Strange halfshafts?
Thanks as ever.
PS Mike, I followed your advice about the brakes and now have the pug 505 turbo vented discs bolted up to my mgbgt hubs with SD1 Vitesse calipers. I can't wait to get the motor and axle finished off so I can try them out!
Nick Bentley


Probably not long but twist rather than snap and I only realised when pulled to add LSD.

The Strange shafts were about 400 but will depend on exchange rate.


I'd done less than 20k miles in mine, the splines (at the diff end ) had twisted so much I had difficulty in extracting them.

I think the problem arose from the fact that the shafts had been shortened, and the splines cut without any hardening process being applied.

I know its (quite) a long way for you, but we've booked in at the Callander do in August, you are welcome to a test drive if you can make it,

M Barnfather

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