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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Rover SD1 Rear Axle Conversion

I understand that in the UK the Rover SD1 rear axle is sometimes used for MGB V8 conversions.

I was wondering if there was a list member familiar with cutting down this unit, that might offer the benefit of their experience.

I have a non-MGB application that will require a 42" wide axle assembly with the Rover bolt pattern, and am thinking the SD1 unit would be the way to go as it has a similar look to the original.

I'm thinking the first thing to do is take an axle down to the local drivetrain shop to see if they can broach the inner splines.

Anyone have horror stories, or can offer advice on cutting one down?


Kelvin Dodd

KJ Dodd

I currently have an SD1 rear axel with an LSD modification. I'm running a Sebring body though and don't belive the axel has been cut down at all. Also using mercedes discs with sierra cosworth calipers. No horror stories as yet . . .
OT Hayter

I have one, and twisted the spline on my half shafts, I ended up importing half shafts from Strange in Canada, several of us over here use them.....would be much cheaper on your side of the pond though...well worth checking out.

M Barnfather

OT: I've got a Quafe for the axle, and may install that at the same time. I'm betting your axle has been cut down as even with the Sebring fenders it is a heck of a wide unit originally. Interesting brake setup.

Mike: Wondering if cutting down the shafts and resplining them caused the problem. I'll try contacting Strange, as if they can make to specific length, I can shorten the housing myself.

thanks, any other input?

KJ Dodd

25 years ago, it was easy to pick a MG C axle and it still works fine on my GT (BTB 840 / BTB 841), but today...
I am wondering why nobody tried to cut the tubes of the Rover axle and the MG B one and put the Ends together again. If the MG safts fit to the Rover diff, it would be easy and fittings for welding parts together can be mad by any machine shop. OK, a TR 7 flange has to be fitted, I could live with this combination. Any experience out there? I am interested in converting my roadster too but try to spot a C diff here nowadays...

Kelvin, yes I guess that they should have been heat-treated or something, I think that they were just cut down and re-splined

Ralph...probably the MG half-shafts would not fit the Rover diff.....I'm sure that someone must have explored that route.
M Barnfather

Kelvin, Gold Coast Machine in Ventura. Call Mark. He will cut the tubes and furnish new axles from Moser in Indiana. Moser can make just about any type of axle, or re-spline yours. 805-656-0285 ask for Mark.

Or give me a call at home.

Bill Guzman


Thanks for the contact info. I was planning on calling you for a recomendation. I need to get some driveshafts made up too, so am in a shopping mode.

Normally in the US, the conversion route is to go with a Ford axle assembly, but I wanted to stick with a Salisbury so am a bit concerned about axle strength. It sounds like new axles are the way to go, but I'm not sure if my bank balance can handle it right now.

KJ Dodd

"wanted to stick with a Salisbury"

Well, there's always the option of good ol' Chevy. The Camaro came with a variety of rearends (7.5", 7.625", 10 bolt, 12 bolt, posi, disk brakes, etc.).
Carl Floyd


No personal bias against Chebbies, but I'm trying to keep this car as close to it's original lineage as possible, with Brit bits rather than 'merican ones.

A car a few numbers from mine is running around with a cut down Chevy S10 rear end in it, but the wider drums make the wheels stick out too far.

I'm thinking that a cut down SD1 rear end will look the part and still be easy to get parts.

KJ Dodd

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