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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Rover T16

Hey guys I'm new to the forum as well as being new to MG's but I have fully restored a Spitfire 1500 a few years back, my reason for joining is that I have just bought a B GT that has been stood for 17 years and is in really good condition and only requires a new nearside sill, oh and the engine is seized.
So along with my plan of building a Sebring replica I am thinking of adding a little twist along the lines of fitting a T16 Rover engine and was wondering if this has been done before and if it has could anyone let me know what gearboxes can be used and what bell housings can be adapted to suit along with engine wiring diagrams, I know this is a big list of wants but if I can save a bit of trial and error and the associated wasted money I would be eternally in your debt.
Thanks for any input,

D Haley


It has been done by a number of people. It is a highly effective swap with the turbo version being even better.

Morgan used the T16 for a while with either the LT77 gearbox or its R380 replacement. From a bell housing point of view they are the same. Also the LDV Sherpa van used the O series engine with the LT77 gearbox. From a bell housing point of view the O series, the M16 and the T16 are the same.

Minor mods are required to the trans tunnel to accept the LT77/R380 box. The LT77 box is sometimes called the SD1 box as that was its first application.

The rear axle on a B GT will take the extra power with no problem.

The standard T16 inlet manifold conflict with the MGB heater. The problem can be solved by modifying the manifold so the throttle body end of it wraps round the other end of the engine.
David Witham

Thanks for the reply David, at least it's been done before. Time to search the net for some examples.
Now I'm getting excited. But if anyone else has any ideas how you mate the two looms please get in touch as the electrical side of things is a little new to me.
D Haley

I rewired a V8 conversion with an injection engine and ECU. The interface between the engine electrics and the cars electrics on that was only 4 or 5 wires as I recall, little more than power, ignition and earth in and pump out. Later engines with more and more electronics will be more complicated though. Roger Parker has done a huge amount of engine conversions, and even if he hasn't done this one I'm sure he will know a lot about what is involved. He works for the MGOC, which could be a bit tricky if you are not a member. But I know him personally and could ask him if he would be willing for you to contact him directly, if you wish.
Paul Hunt 2

That would be great Paul, it wont be until I move house and the new garage is available (hopefully December) but I would really like to hear his input on the subject.
My email is hotlinked so if you could pass that on to him but I do understand if he is busy with the club stuff, do you guys think it's worth me joining the MGOC as the only thing that will be MG about my car is the basic shell and the fact it will resemble a by gone classic racer.
D Haley
Per Sj÷berg

Nothing to add apart from Welcome to the place and good luck with your project.

Cheers , Pete.
Peter Thomas


Heres a useful link.

Theres a section on the M16 which explains all the mechanical issues, if you want to use the Turbo 16 you may need to find some room for the turbo and the plumbing for the intercooler.

Kevin Jackson

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