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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - RV8 crossmember

Is the RV8 crossmember suitable for chrome bumper cars? I am guessing that since chrome and rubber cars have very different x-members, the RV8 unit will not fit happily onto a chrome car. Correct or no? ... if it would work, I'd consider putting one one.

As far as I know all the cars have the same chassis rail mounts = so any x member will fit any car. The later cars x member is taller than the CB one but that is essentially the only difference.
Chris at

Yes, Chris is right. I have a rubber bumper x-member bolted on a chrome bumber chassis. So I assume that the RV8 x-member will also work, since the chassis is vertually the same as a rubber bumper B.
Wally Jonker

Yes it will for the above reasons plus there is a specific version of the RV8 crossmember available for MGBs, at a silly price though, with just a mod to suit the early MGB wheel differences, wires or disc wheels.

Roger Parker

I have an original chrome bumper V8, which I have had the RV8 cross member fitted to. You need to specify that you have a chrome bumper car when ordering as there are two available.
Tristan Spencer

How do you like that RV8 crossmember? Is it worth the ton of money that they cost?

Paul Kile
Paul Kile

Going the RV8 route has some pitfalls for the future, one of which was a recent period of non availablility of front wheel bearings, now solved, and another is early settlement of the front springs. I am not certain but I believe that front sporings are in short supply as well. The limited status of the RV8 and the recent well publiciced issues affecting MG Rover will not help the future spares supply of parts for RV8's. Heritage is probably the best long term provider, subject to the ownership situation being sorted and new agreements being made to deal with what are now separate and independant companies.

Roger Parker

This thread was discussed between 20/12/2000 and 23/12/2000

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