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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - RV8 Manifolds

In the UK, RV8-style exhaust manifolds are expensive (MGOC price £499.00 approx US$800.00 ) Does anybody know of a cheaper source? Are they any good? What price do folk in the USA pay? Where do they get them from?

Any advice would be welcome.



Peter Hills

Clive Wheatley?
Dave Vale?

I purchased my set of headers, Y-pipes and clamps from Martyn Harvey in Waterloo, Ontario who is the Canadian distributor for Clive Wheatley.

I paid $1870 for the parts. The headers are excellent quality. I just had them ceramic-coated as well.

Simon Austin

You're not going to like this but the headers are going to be expensive. I ended up getting mine from Clive. I chose Clives partly because they have an extra section in them which make them easier to fit but mostly because so many recommended them/him (see archives). It's a while ago but I think it was around 400 pounds. That was the headers in stainless right back to where they join together under the passenger seat. I made enquires locally (Melbourne)and it was going to cost almost that to have them made up and that ment getting the car to them with engine/gearbox in place and guard holes cut. A bit catch 22 since in order to accuratly position the engine and cut the guard holes you need the headers..
The MGB Hive advertise the cheapest I've seen (in the Magazine "MG WORLD" but I've read complaints (check the archives) that these hang a bit low, also they were not even remotely interested in shipping to Australia (not a problem for you), it was all too much trouble for them. Clive on the other hand, was very helpfull, and sent them off straight away, all very carefully packed.
I think you would have to be skilled, very well set up and very patient in order to make a set. But I don't think it would be immpossible.

I bought the MGBhive set, and was one of the complainers,the manifolds were not alligned, B Hive fixed it FOC, I think they are extremely good value, the system sounds great, but it is a big bore (2 1/2")pipe and silencer, and mine needed some tweeking to make it fit, as clearances were tight.

Michael barnfather

Peter (and all you MGB V8 fans),
There is a website, that sells the RV8 headers for $435 (U.S.). I do not know the quality or the cost of shipping, nor do I know if that is just the manifolds (probably is) or if it is more. I assume they are in the USA, due to having USA phone and fax numbers. Anyways, I thought you all might be interested.


Clive Wheatley, Dave Vale, MGBHive and the MGOC are suppliers but not manufacturers.

MGBHive supply the complete system in stainless for £395, the cheapest that I have seen. Guaranteed Exhaust Systems Ltd, Unit 4/5, Willand Ind Est, South View, Willand, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 2QW. Tel: 01884 821237 manufacture the system.

I purchased a system from MHBHive and as Mike says the fit was not great but they have now had enough comments that new systems should be OK. I didn’t find MGBHive particularly helpful when the exhaust from them didn’t fit “it fits our car so should fit yours” but in contrast GES couldn’t have been more helpful and made several modifications at no charge until I was happy. Actually I will be taking the rear section back to GES in a couple of weeks, I have just fitted IRS and it fouls on the bottom wishbone.

Try giving Lee at GES a call, their system is excellent value for money, very good quality, relatively cheap and an unbeatable service (from my experience). Apart from a satisfied customer I have no connection with GES but I have no hesitation in recommending them.

Geoff King

I believe Andy Marsh at Maidstone Sports Cars also does a system that does not require them being threaded through the inner wings before fitting the engine. I have not been happy with his service in the past however.

Greetings...I purchased a set of stainless steel RV8 headers from D&D....who got them from Clive, I think...I then had them JetHot coated. Not yet installed.rick
rick ingram

I got mine from Clive, the quality is top notch. However they are exspensive, but you get what you pay for.

bill jacobson


Whichever type you ultimately get, can I suggest that you wrap them with lagging before you fit them, it greatly reduces underbonnet heat, and noise also.

I used fibreglass tape obtainable fom plumbers supplies in large rolls, it's much cheaper than branded products, and seems to do the job as well (the firm I bought mine from claim they sell it to TVR !!
Lagging the crosspipe which runs under the gearbox also helps keep the gearbox oil cooler when stopped in heavy traffic,previously mine used to get so hot that I had difficulty changing gear.

Michael barnfather

I had my block huggers lagged and I have to say that it didn't make a lot of difference. When I converted to RV8 I intended to lag them too. I mentioned this to Clive Wheatley and he responded that if I did, he wouldn't guarantee them. He considered that lagging would result in over-heat the headers and was a potential source of trouble. Is this correct? You tell me but I decided not to lag them as a result of this warning.

Nope, lagging's not a good idea ... the headers WILL overheat and crack. Instead, get 'em Jet-Hot coated ... it's worth it, and it looks much better. Won't do anything for noise, though.

(I'm such a Luddite; despite overwhelming enthusiasm for the RV8 headers I simply cannot bring myself to cut holes in the fenders. This is probably ridiculous, but I am concerned about the structural integrity of the front clip. Plus I am a little concerned about melting the tires ... some of the RV8 installations I've seen have the headers practically touching the tires when the wheels are near full lock.)

Where can I get a used cast iron set of V8 manifolds with the shrouds and the aluminium rocker covers?

If one can weld, one really should consider building a set of headers. Aside from the satisfaction to be gained from doing the work for themselves, it is possible to save some money. Please check out the Headers by Ed info in the archives. I've recently completed a set of equal length four into one headers that do not require "holes" in the inner wings. they did require some planning from outset of my chrome bumper conversion project, but should result in substaintal performance advantage over the rather "inelegant" solution that RV8 style headers represent. email if you would like
Chris Jones

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