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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - RV8 wing renforcements

Just fitted my rv8 exhaust today and made a good job with minimal size holes as possible i would like to ask the question of wether i really need to add strengthening rings or not. i would prefer not to if possible with the potential for making a right mess of it, i know these rings can be bought ,but they wouldnt have fitted mine because i have dished wings because the car had block hugger manifolds before. I could fabricate some ring but would rather try and get away with it, surely the cars main stifness comes from the main chassis outriggers.

I've heard some comments from learned people that they aren't necessary, and have seen most conversions in my area to be without them. Most people dress the edges somehow. I put formed covers held on with stainless screws over the top area of mine, and made the edges look nice. It would be hard to get over the counter items to fit, I'd think, and to custom fabricate something comparable to a stamped unit would be difficult at best, for what may be of little benefit.

Best, Joe
Joe Ullman


I'm told the boating world has some nice chrome or stainless steel rings which could be used for reinforcement and would look good. Unfortunately I don't have any relevant dimensions. If anybody has tried these it would be nice to know.

Peter Hills

Dean - no expereince of not having used them but they really do fit quite easily and at the very least give a finished look to the project. Available from Clive Wheatley and well worth the money too.

Just my 2 cents, but I ordered the reinforcements and installed them on my conversion and I probably wouldn't do it again. I think you can get just as much benefit from turning down a lip around the circumference of the opening with duckbill pliers. Also, when you use the reinforcement, it pretty much dictates the size of the hole. If you don't use them, you could make the holes much smaller, although you might give up the cooling benefits of the larger opening. I've seen several post from people that have done that and I've not heard any negative feedback yet.
Gordon Elkins

I turned down the edges of my guard holes and it doesn't look bad. It's also very stiff with no movment I can detect. Most important it was also dead easy to do, that metal is very soft.
With reguard to Peters remarks, there are a variety of porthole and hatch shapes which might do, if you have a boat chandler nearby go window shopping. I may yet try this just for the look of it.

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