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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - SD1 axle parts for conversion

Anyone tell me where (in UK) I can get the TR7 type front drive pinion flange and oil seal housing. I've searched on Rimmer Bros web site and despite it showing the appropriate parts numbers they don't list the items as being available. I don't really want to buy a whole secondhand TR7 axle just to obtain the parts I need as I'm prepared to buy them new.
Paul Humphries


I got mine from Rimmers some time ago, They should still have them in stock, do you want me to see if I can look up the part No's

Michael barnfather

Thanks Mike but I managed to trace the parts no's from the Rimmer Bros site but then although the price search identified the part it listed the item as "NCA" whatever that means.
I'll try sending them an email direct and see what happens.
Paul Humphries

Part numbers are -
UKC2940 - gasket,
UKC3877 - drive flange,
UKC7079 - nut,
142333 - spacer,
TKC302 - oil seal housing.

Per a phone call to Rimmer Bros all the parts, other than the oil seal housing (TKC302), are available.
The oil seal housing (TKC302) is a discontinued part and they have no stock either new or secondhand nor expect to be able to source in the future as they seem to have all now "dryed up". No secondhand or reconditioned TR7 axles were available either !

Looks like I'm going to have to find and buy a complete axle to get just the one parts !

Anyone know a source, anywhere in the world, who might hold stocks of the elusive TKC302 oil seal housing ?


Paul Humphries

Try emailing They are scrap dealers and were very recently breaking 3 TR7s and amy have the parts you need. Sometimes they need a couple of reminders to get them to reply


if you have a construction compagnie doing the mods to thew axle and driveshaft, they should be able to produce a sealhousing for you, have you concidered that?.I'm also studing a SD1 axle conversion, I think not having the drive pignon is a bigger problem.
Who is doing your conversion??



British Auto Salvage in upstate NY has this part, secondhand off of 5 speed rear axles. give Mark a call, his number is 1-315-986-3097

This thread was discussed on 16/01/2003

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