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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - SD1 gbox ratios

Could some lister supply me with details of the gearbox ratios in the SD1 Vitesse 5speed box? Cheers. Danny.
Danny Smith

hi the ratios are first 3.320
second 2.087
third 1.396
forth 1.000
overdrive 0.792
regards mark a h.

Mark, call me an officious intermeddler but I would have bet money that O/D was .833.

Variations exist depending on gearbox number. This is stamped into the lower flat boss on the right side of the main casing.

Roger Parker

Pre '82 boxes had 0.833:1 5th gear, post '82 Vitesse, VDP and V8 had 0.792:1
Geoff King

.. assuming that the original gearbox is still fitted, which in most cases now is not the case, so you need the gearbox number to ensure that you haven't beed slipped a 30A or 34A van box.

Roger Parker

And once I'm armed with the said number, then what??
Danny Smith

This thread was discussed between 15/03/2001 and 19/03/2001

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