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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - SDI Trans rebuild source?

I am looking for a source for SDI trans rebuild manual and parts. If any are experienced, would you consider this a difficult job?



If you have a good manual and some basic skills it should not be that difficult to rebuild this trans yourself. I did it on a Rover TR8 box. Worked fine. Work slow and make notes while taking the box apart. Take pics if possible.
Fill up with ATF and check the oil pump for good pressure.
Good luck!
Werner Van Clapdurp

Thats interesting how do you check the oil pump pressure

In the Haynes SD1 manual it states that rebuilding the Rover 5-speed is not difficult and requires no special tools. I certainly intend to try. An earlier thread on this list mentioned someone who could supply all commonly needed parts as a kit. I'll try to find it again.
Mike Howlett


In the UK John Webb at Autogear (Transmissions) Limited, 254 High Street, Canvey Island, Essex, SS8 7SY
Tel: 01268 681608, Fax: 01268 681008
John supplies kits to overhaul the SD1 box, gaskets, bearings, syncro rings etc. You are right it is not a difficult job and the Haynes manual is all you need.

Geoff King

there is a plug on the side of the box. remove the plug and turn on the engine. Oil should stream out of the hole. That is how you check for proper functioning of the oil pump. It is described some manuals.
Thanks for the address in the UK for the rebuild kit. I am visiting the UK in April and May and will try to buy a kit there. Just in case I need it one day !
WErner Van Clapdurp

Any source for the Haynes manual? I checked Amazon, but it is out of print.


Is the TR8 box the same as the SD1 box? The TR8 manual should be easier to obtain.



Try or SD1 specialist.

Both UK.


I ordered my SD1 Haynes manual from Alternatively, look on eBay. (UK site which regularly has used Haynes manuals listed.

Regarding the SD1 / TR8 question, both the TR7 and TR8 use the same manual gearbox as the SD1. The only difference I have experienced (with the TR7)is a different speedo drive ratio (just a plastic gear).
Pete Green

Thank you to Geoff King for the top tip on re-build kits from Autogear ( Others may be interested in the reply I received to my enquiry....

"We (Autogear) can supply you a rebuild kit for your Rover SDI 5 speed consisting of all bearings, all synchro rings, oil seals, cage rollers & gasket set for
115.00 + vat (if applicable) and delivery. We can also supply a brand new laygear & input shaft for 150.00 + vat etc. We will need one bearing designation number from one of the bearings in your
gearbox to be able to supply you the correct rebuild kit. There are 5 different kits."

I also asked for an opinion on the view (possibly put about by those selling new R380 gearboxes) that the SD1 gearbox (LT77) is not worth rebuilding....

"My (John Webb...Autogear) view on your last question, is that the SDI gearbox is extremely robust,
and providing you use the correct oil, you will not get any problems."
Pete Green

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