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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - seat options

I'm thinking about upgrading my seats. Others using this board have used fiero and Miata and given great info for installation. I would go with one of those but recently found was offered a set of CRX seats. I'm not sure of the year yet. Has anyone tried these?

I'd like to know too. I had an '84 CRX and loved the seats but the later ones were better. I seem to remember CRX seats as being light (Miata's are not and Fieros weigh a ton) and having thin backrests which might help those of us who are long of leg.

The biggest problem I have with Fiero and Miata seats is the cusion height. They're just too tall for me. I gave away my Miata seats and one set of Fieros, keeping the other in case I can find a way to lower them and still be able to adjust them fore/aft. I don't recall how tall the cushions were on the CRX's.

I've had two CRX's...a 1984 and a 1990. You're correct...the seats were comfortable...and if I remember correctly, the bottom cushion did not "sit tall" in the cockpit.

I'll bet a trip to the wreckers' yard would source an inexpensive pair for trial fit!
rick ingram

Yep. A thinner bottom cushion is a big help to taller drivers. The critical measurement is width of the seat (at least the part that goes between the frame rail & tunnel) 19 to 19 1/2" max.
Carl Floyd

It will be a few weks before I can get to this. I'll post what I find out about the fit.


wouldn't any small Honda seat work? CRX or civic?
M Mallaby

The CRX seats look "sportier" in my opinion...and alrdady have a slot available to accpt the shoulder harness for a five point system, if memory serves me correctly.
rick ingram

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