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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Seats

The original seats in my GT V8 are really worn and have sagged.
I would like to fit competition style racing seats but they all seem to be too wide. Ive been looking in the Demon Tweeks catalogue as I cant find a local supplier.
What are my choices?
Mark Rawlins

Mark, besides the Fiero,Miata, and early RX7 Mazda, there are other choices. Cobeau makes some very nice seats there cost start at $229 and up. Great seats!
Check them out.
Bill Guzman

Mark,the correct address is If you decide on one of their seats, use the Fiero brackets to install the seats.
Bill Guzman

Thanks, I looked at the Corbeau seats but my problem is which ones fit? The only supplier I can find is 180 miles away.
Thanks anyway

Mark Rawlins

There's a cheaper alternative. The OEM seats sag because of the rubber in the webbing at the base of the seat. BL switched to this webbing around 1970, earlier seats had a full rubber diaphragm support. You can buy the earlier supports and retrofit them to later seats. This firms up the seat nicely, and helps to support those of us who have left our svelte college era physiques behind, so to speak.

Paul Kile
Paul Kile


I rate Bob Ridgard as one of the best suppliers of tubular framed racing seats. I am using one of his fixed back bucket seats in my V8. I bought mine through Brown and Gammons. Most of the speed catalogs are dealing in seats for saloons and these typically are in the range of 21-24" wide when you need some where about 19". Bob makes a whole range of seats that you don't hear all that much about -but he is well regarded in amongst racers.I believe that his std seats are stocked by these suppiers but he can do any of his seats in special widths.

Mine would have been made to special order and is mounted on a modified maestro sliding frame. He is also manufacturing a reclining/tilt back seat with proper harness slots and which can be had in leather and various cloth trims. These seats also look right because they have rounded profiles-unlike the modern square seats. I should have dealt with him directly when I bought my seat-I took the seat back to him to have extra webbing fitted-a really genuine bloke.
He has a workshop in Ridgewell in Essex. I'm afraid that I can't find his contact details just at the moment whilst on line but will look him up later.


John Bourke
John Bourke

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