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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - seats

My BV8 currently has Miata seats. I was going to change them back to the origional MGB seats, but have come across some nice Fiero seats. Is this a good upgrade? Are they comfortable and fit well into an MGB? Any unforseeable problems which result from the installation? Thanks, Dave
BR Dave

I've seen both the Miata and Fiero seats installed and both seem excellent choices. Should be some info in the archives as to preference and installation issues.....
Graham Creswick

Dave, I have Fiero seats in my mgb V8. They look nice (Mr. Mike leather covers)and they are very comfortable seats. They seem to make those long trips much more relaxing. I have never had Maita seats in an mgb, but I have owned a few first generation Miatas. The Miata seats are good seats, but I believe the Fiero seats have a little more lateral support. (just my subjective opinion) My seats are reversed (passenger vs driver) just as in the Miata application.
Mike Maloney


Just curious, why don't you like the Miata seats? I'm planning ahead for the interior and I'm thinking of either originals or Miata.

Ryan Reis

I've got Miata seats in my car and find them quite comfortable. I didn't reverse them as Mike mentioned but did find the runners for the passenger seat about an inch wider than the driver's side. Not sure what Mazda was thinking but must be something going on in the Miata to warrant this design. New brackets made up and still have the original holes in floors.

Friend of mine here in BC has Fiero seats either in or going into his car and he's on this forum quite a bit so he should have some info for you. out there?

I went with the Miata seats as I thought the Fiero units looked a bit bulkier (personal opinion, of course).

Simon Austin

My personal preference is the Fiero seat. I like the styling and the "fit" better!

rick ingram

Dave, I have Fiero seat in my 69 roadster. I wouldn't give them up for anything. It's a much more enjoyable driving experience.
before and after:
Dana Wilson

Pic of fiero seats in my V8 roadster...
Mike Maloney

Ryan, I do not mean to say that I donít like the Miata seats. I have had MGBs with stock seats and the V8 I purchased several years ago has Miata seats. They are very comfortable, slide easily on their tracks, and recline easily. I have come across and am considering a nice set of leather Fiero seats. I do not want to make a bid on them without being aware of potential problems in fit, installation or comfort. Thanks for the info and pics.

BR Dave

BR Dave, Ontario, Canada

As Simon mentioned I have the Fiero seats. I had them recovered in leather and last summer I traveled 3500 miles in 10 days in my MGB V8 with the Fiero seats and I found them very comfortable.
I installed mine in the correct locations while keeping the front bolt locations by rounding out the bolt mounting holes on the Fiero stock seat track. The drivers side of my 75.5 Roadster is a little narrower than the passengers side and I had to weld a plate to one of the seat tracks to match up with the front holes. I simply drilled new holes for the rear mounting points through the floor boards and welded a washer and nut under the floor board where needed. The drivers side seat is snug with the transmission tunnel. I am @ 5í8Ē and I have no trouble but if youíre a few inchís shorter then it could be a problem as the seat doesnít go much further forward.
I have the seats out of the car now and would gladly take some pictures and forward them to you if you like.
Which ever seat you decide on, buy the best speakers you can afford for them. I already had speakers in the front and 6x9 speakers on the shelf behind the seats, but adding new speakers in the seats really rounded out my whole listening experience. Yup, itís loud.
I did have to buy a small amplifier @40.00CDN to power the new speakers as my stereo didnít have enough power to properly run all 8 speakers. 80, 90 100 MPH with the roar of dual exhaust, I can still hear my stereo quite clearly.
I like the seats a lot.

Bruce Mills

I have had both Fiero & Miata seats in various MGB's. The Miata seats are an easier fit.

The Fiero seats give better lateral support, but it is harder to get in & out of the car due to the larger side bolsters. The bolsters show wear after a while.

I found the Miata seat more comfortable for long drives.

Both are good seats. To install Fiero seats, do not reverse the seats, just reverse the tracks, otherwise the seats tilt in toward the center- looks really odd from the back of the car.
Jim Stuart

Here's another snapshot:

I think these are Fiero seats too (but with different upholstery)?

I have driven several B V8s with Fiero seats, yet my car has Miata seats. Why? Because my butt couldn't handle another long drive to the annual V8 meet sittting on the worn out B seats. And, I had just run across a set of tan leather Miata seats that closely matched the stock interior.

Of the two, I prefer the Fiero. Miatas, and their seats, are designed for people 5'9" (okay 5'10" tops)& under. On the other hand, Miata seats look more like they belong in an MG, being less bulkier.

I'm still looking for a lighter weight seat that is comfortable for distance driving, snug enough for track days, fits (19 1/2" wide), AND doesn't cost a fortune. Aren't we all? :)
Carl Floyd

I also have the Fiero seats fitted. With a lot of cutting and welding, I modified the Fiero seat tracks to bolt in to the stock locations AND sit lower, so you aren't looking out of the top of the windshield. They are similar to Dana's with silver piping and a textured insert for more butt traction.
Jeff Schlemmer

I think a lot depends on your height. At 6'2" I find the Fiero seats cause me to hunch over and become uncomfortable after awhile. Also appearance wise the back support looks a bit thin in an MGB. Haven't sat in the Miata seats for a number of years so I don't know about them. I've decided to reupholster the original seats. Eventually.
Jim Blackwood

Hi Jim (Stuart),
When you say "do not reverse the seats, just reverse the tracks" should the recline mechanism on the seat be on the inside (tunnel) or outside (door)?
Tony Bates


The recline mechanism on the Fiero, as installed by GM, was on the outside of the seat next to the foam.

Swapping the tracks leaves the recline mechanism on the same side as GM designed. I've seen Fiero seats that were merely swapped...the recline lever rests VERY tight between the transmission tunnel and the seat's thigh bolster.

It's still a tight fit with the plastic "handle" on the recline lever...and in most cases is omitted.


rick ingram

I'm 6'4" and 260 pounds. Tried early MGB, late MGB, Fiero and Miata. For me, Fiero seats are very much more comfortable than any of the others but I sit too high.

Fiero and Miata will raise your sightline considerably over either stock B seat fitted with rubber diaphragms; the Miata being the highest. If you are tall, the Fiero or Miata may be a problem if you don't want to stare at the windshield header.

The Miata seats are very narrow compared to stock B or Fiero seats and do not suit a large person very well at all. Don't like them. If I were more slightly built they might be fine.

Neither Fiero or Miata have any suspension to speak of compared to a stock seat. I have a modified GT that is tolerable with stock seats but hammers my spine with the others.

In closing, I like the low driving position with the stock seats (with diaphragms, not webbing) but wish for the firm bolsters and better fit of the Fieros.


Like Rick said...
Jim Stuart

I have both, fiero and Miata. My RD has Miata seats, I cut about 1 1/2 of the botton foam so that I could drive in confort 6.2" tall I need all of the room that I can get. The Miata seats are easy to get in and out.

Bill Guzman

Nice Bill,
Not too over stated.
The Feiro is a bit 'boy racer'.
I'm going to go (try) buy a set. Was going to recover the MGB ones, but you can buy a set of miata (MX5) seats for ALOT less. And they are a good deal better.
The MX5 is a kind of poor reflection of what the MGB should have been, better, but no-where near right. Too squared off or something. I suspect that they started with the mechanicals and designed the shape to fit around that. Irrationally, a clasic car starts from the other direction I think.

Has anyone tried BMW Z3 seats?
I have a 2000 M Roadster and love the seats.
I am considering finding some for my B.



Anyone in the 6'2" to 6'4" range with other than stock seats in a GT with good results? (Not too high and comfotable)


Brian C.
Brian Corrigan

Many years back I removed the headrests from my '71 seats and never looked back. I know lots of people like headrests in a convertible sports car, I'm just not one of them. I have a plan for modifying the stock seats which is one of the reasons I haven't reupholstered them yet, only added slipcovers. I did get the new foams, but I want to reshape and suppliment those with some inflatable bladders for seat, bolster and lumbar and perhaps add heating elements and then recover in leather staying reasonably close to the original pattern. Don't know how feasible it would be to add speakers to the top surface of the seat back but worth looking into. Anyway that's not likely to happen right away, as once I have the wiring done again I'll just drive it for awhile. Maybe next winter, maybe not. Or I might pull out the passenger seat, do it first, then have everything ready to do the driver's seat. Or I may just go back to working on the IRS and leave the seats for another year.

Jim Blackwood

This are the stock seats in my GT. The seats have modified foams for better holding,looks and room.
Bill Guzman

Another vote for no headrests. On the earlier cars especially, I would not install seats with headrests.
But if you're going to go that route anyway, then a foldable top (not a stowaway) would also be in the same taste.

I once checked on low back Recaro type seats, they are out there. I also found a company that will uprate the cushions on a later style seat frame and omit the headrests for you by upholstering over the holes.
This company also offers a light tan leather interior with matching carpet for the early models and they even send the crash pad to you predone.
Moss on the other hand does not offer a matching light tan carpet (theirs is more brown), and they only send you the material to do the crash pad.

Only problem, they are on the other side of the pond.

I agree with Jim. The headrests from my '72 GT are under the bed in the guest bedroom.

FWIW, I spoke to Mr. Mike who said he will make a set of seat covers for the Fiero seats with the headrests whacked off. It's an easy modification, BTW.

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