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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Sebring bodied roadsters

Ive just picked up a 76 roadster which is pretty rotten but saveable. Im planning to put in a 4.6 motor. Has anyone pictures or could direct me to pictures of Roadsters with sebring arches and C hood I know the original sebring cars were GT's and am wondering how a roadster would look.


Steve Simmons

I like it.
I am getting ready for a new paint job in the next couple of years and although the car is stored in the winter it has developed a little rust above one of the rear wheel archís. I was thinking about having the fenders flared at the same time. I canít tell from the picture but is that a ST front valance?
Where about did your purchase the flares from?
Are they metal or fiberglass?
What size of tire did this allow you to put on.
Thanks in advance

Bruce Mills


Contact me off-site. I've got one I'm working on and can pass along some photos.

No C hood but did add a scoop.

Simon Austin

Hi Mark
Take a look at
for some inspiration
Nick Bentley

Many thanks,
Steve, I couldnt get the link to work.
Nick, Wow those are some serious modifications.

Started stripping the car out. Its pretty rusty especially around the pedal box where there are large rust holes. The minimum Ill need is both floors and sills, central crossmember, boot floor with rear spring hangers and I think I can make my own panels for the rest.
Im also planning to strengthen the tub by running some small box section down the top of the inner wings and maybe some U sections under the floor.



Hi Mark
They are arn't they?
Its not mine (wish it was!).
I found the site when I was looking for sebring kit info. I will be fitting a kit to my GT soon.
Nick Bentley
Looks like a Cobra with class


What spec do you have planned and why not a 5.0


For those interested, I was able to track down a source for what I find as thee best looking flares.

The front and rear of these LIP flares (vs. complete glass fenders) resemble the front sebrings in contour..I was never partial to the look of the rear sebrings.
They are subtle yet bulbous, and I paid $395. for both front and rear.

Here is the contact info...


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