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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Sebring grille

I am building a MG Sebring V8 and I am looking for a source for the front grille. On the photo's of the two original MGC Sebring GT's (and several replica's) the grille is not the standard MGB/C grille of the era.
Any ideas?
Tony Bates

WIRTZ Michel


I wanted something like that grill as well on my project. I couldn't find the exact same as the original GTS's but I did use some wire mesh I found at Home Depot (it's even galvanized). It's the stuff contractors use to attach stucco to houses.

The pattern is diagonal as opposed to vertical (like the GTS) but I think it looks pretty good. Funny thing is, a 3'x6' sheet is only a few bucks where as the same stuff from a Performance Shop (and only about 1'x2') was over $50!

The closest I've seen to the original GTS is on the new Jaguars (no idea where they get it from).

I may have a picture of it if you'd like to see what it looks like.

Simon Austin

The MGOC have produced a V8 Supersports with a stainless mesh grille for around 50. I contacted a stainless wire company who supplied me with a sheet of 3ft by 4ft woven stainless wire mesh and got 7 grille's out of it for similar money. Links below show.
Link to show grille on car

Link to show grille on kitchen worktop (don't tell the wife !!!)


Ian Sanders
Ian Sanders

Hi All,
I spoke to Doug at MG Motorsport and he said he wanted to keep the grilles exclusive to his own Sebring replicas. He did however tell me what mesh he uses and how to do it myself.
I have found the "same" mesh that the MGOC, MG Motorsports and Jag use here in the US.You can get it from
It is Stainless woven wire mesh, 3x3 mesh per inch with 0.063" diameter wire.
Tony Bates

So, that huge listing of things 'mcmaster' offers for sale, where is that mesh?
anthony barnhill

Pegasus Racing sells stainless sheets of mesh with various pattern widths for just this purpose.

Here is a link to their current catalog, page 43:


Brian C.
Brian Corrigan

Tony, I just spent a few minutes poking around the McMaster site and I think you're looking for page 326.
Do a search on:-
Derek Nicholson

Page 326 is correct. You can also search on Wire woven cloth. It's about $13 per sq foot
Tony Bates

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