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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Shocks, Std or uprated?

Well, I am going to go out and get shocks. I will probably use World Wide to get them.

My question is what are you folks using, I seem to heqar some people using standard, some using uprated. This car SHOULD be a daily driver for me next year (by choice!) so I want to make sure it does not ride to hard, but I am going to GT front springs so they are going to be stiffer. I am going to stay stock rear for now, just upgrade to poly bushings all around.

Car will have 205/60r14's on stock wheels.
Larry Embrey

Larry --I spoke to Peter at World Wide and at his suggestion have bought and installed his regular rebuilt front shocks. He is very helpful and will answer all your questions --just give him a call. Their service is super --sent my shocks in and had them back in 7 days . I upgraded my front springs to 550 lbs .
Gil Price

I would stick with standard. The uprated shocks _can_ -- I'm not saying they will but they can -- induce flutter at certain speeds, like an out-of-balance wheel would. As some of you may recall, this was a horrific problem when trying to use uprated front shocks in TR3s ... been there, done that.

I recall being told several times by those in the know, better to err on the side of too-strong springs and slightly too-weak shocks than vice-versa; the latter will totally bodge the car's handling.

Larry - I go with Ted but recommend you use new in front rather than reconditioned - the smallest lateral movement in an old shocker is magnified at the wheel

I will not be having myine rebuilt, I will most likely contact World wide and have them send out a set of new units, then send mine back to them. Right now I have a good 1/2" of lateral movelent of my shack arms on the driver's side, they will slide back and hit the housing. And I was wondering were that clunk in my front end came from!!

Thanks for the responses,

Larry Embrey

Does anyone have a web address or phone number for World Wide?

Larry Diede

Yes, it's Phone is 800 362 1025 or 608 223 9400; ask for Peter. Nice guy and very helpful. Joe
Joe Ullman

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