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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Short/long-nose water pump question.

On a Rover 3.9 block, as you know the OE water pump nose is very long, and in a stock-type BV8 setup it goes almost the back of the radiator. It is my understanding that the water pump from a Buick 300 will bolt right on, and give much more room. Is a pulley available that will keep exactly the same line for the fan belt? Lastly, the inlet pipe on the Rover water pump is angled back a few degrees and so the lower rad hose clears the fan belt. It is my understanding that this isn't the way the Buick 300 pumps are configured -- rather they are just straight -- is this likely to cause interference between the fan belt and the lower hose?

Terry, I donít have the exact answer for you because I have a Buick 215. Maybe this will help though. I used a water pump from a Buick 3.8 V6, which is about an inch shorter (as memory serves). I donít know which model itís from because I just went to an auto parts store and asked to see some Buick V6 water pumps and picked one.

I did have to replace the lower radiator hose after the belt wore a hole in it. As I installed the new hose, I saw it also rubbed, yet if I rotated the hose it cleared the belt.
George Champion

The 215 pump is straight, the 300 pump angles back a bit and is shorter than the 215 pump. You will need a different pulley.
Jim Blackwood

Thanks Bill. When I replaced my rad hoses last year I saw that that slight angle back for the inlet pipe is just crucial in a BV8; without it you'd just be asking for trouble.

Sorry, I don't seem to follow the thread. I'd like to get more space between my water pump and my radiator. I have a long nose pump. Can I fit a short nose one, what do I ask for and where do I get it? Why might I need a new pulley?

The shortest pump would probably be from the Buick/Jeep 225 c.u. V6 engine. The problem with changing to the shorter pump is that the other existing pulleys (crank and alternator) are unlikely to be aligned with the pulley on the shorter pump. My experience was that it was easier to have a crankshaft pulley machined from aluminum than to find one that was properly aligned.
George B.


Real Steel 01895 440505 sell the short nosed. A lot of research into cooling at moment ie electric pumps from Demon Tweeks.

If you have problems with fitting, Tim Fenna at Frontline(Bath)has teamed up with Ken Costello and is into V8's and will have Alloy rad on line soon and probably many other items. I'm popping down there next week.


Even with a short nose pump, there is not enough room to get an elcetric fan in between the engine and the radiator. Any way this can be done?


Best suggestion I've seen so far is 2 8in fans on front and 2 8in pullers on bottom rear of rad.

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