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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Spacesaver Spare Wheel

Hi guys, me again. I know some of you have spacesaver spares and was wondering if a Saab 15inch will fit. The front is standard but for upgraded brakes requiring 15 inch wheels and the rear is wire wheel axle modified for bolt ons. Will the offset of the spare cause the wheel to foul the inner wheel arch at the back?
These spacesavers are tempting given the weight saving (and space saving!!).

The Datsun 810 spacesaver tire has the face of the wheel flush with the face of the tire. When you lay the tire in the trunk/boot face down the entire cavity is open for storage. The combo weighs about 10 lbs. $2.00 apiece at the local junk yard.
Barry Parkinson

The trouble with the Saab wheels is that they are very dished so they can only lie in the boot one way up - thus no storage. But like I said, put the wheel behind the seat!
bob p

The problem with the space-saver wheels is that it's not a heck of a lot of fun to drive a V8 with one attached, should you need to. I reverted to a full size wheel for that reason.

A simple question.

If you have to fit your space saver, due to a puncture (flat), and the boot (trunk) is full, where does the replaced full size wheel go?

If you have space for the full size wheel, why bother with a space saver; except weight of course. What is the weight saving?

Nigel Steward

30 lbs vs 10 lbs, stock wire vs space saver
Barry Parkinson

Barry, if you have light wheels like panasports, they only weigh around 15-16 pounds each (196/60R15 anyway). I'm not sure how you could realistically use wires on a V8 anyhow (at least for very long) ... maybe the 72-spoke type would be OK, but I find it kind of hard to believe.


I'm trying to get new boots for the old girl, as she has 195/60/15 any recommendations. Dunlop/Goodyear F1 Eagle appear to be only Choice in the UK.



Paul, the higher-end Dunlops in that size sure are sweet; that's what I have on there. My favorite tire for MGs is a Michelin XGT, but I'm not sure they make it in that size.

(BTW, the other thing, if you happen to have a GT, is that a full-size tire does a much better job of supporting the rear deck solidly. Not an issue for roadsters.)

according to the Dunlop site ( my tires Dunlop w-10 195 55 15 weigh 20 lbs without wheels. I find my wheel tire combo is just over 30 lbs. The spacesaver spare is lighter even with alloy wheels.
Barry Parkinson

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