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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Springs

I built a V8 roadster on a V8 heritage shell, rubber bumper X member. To lower it to chrome bumper height I fitted a pair of 480lb x 8 1/2" front springs. They were fine, for a time, but have carried on "settling", to the extent that the ride height is almost 3/4" less than chrome bumper, and even more worrying, I'm loosing damper travel (Ron Hopkinson telescopic conversion, with extended turrets and poly bushes). Do I keep to the same poundage and more free height or greater poundage at 8 1/2"? Any ideas?

More poundage will be harder *and* gain height, longer will gain height without the harder ride. If you were happy with the ride before they settled then longer would seem to be the way to go. But if they are too soft for the weight maybe that is why they have settled and are continuing to settle.
Paul Hunt

Thanks Paul, there hangs the dilema!! Also going longer might mean getting coil bound if they do settle again. Maybe the ones I put on were weaker than advertised!

Quite possibly, there do seem to be a lot of problems with springs. Most report problems with rear springs being too hard/arched although I have bought three pairs over the years from different suppliers and not had a problem. However recently I have bought two sets of front springs, all had a higher free height when bought than the specs, and both do seem to be a little high installed after a some use. When I collected them one pair had different free heights, I politely asked if I could have two the same and the assistant complied but said "It won't make any difference".
Paul Hunt

Sounds like you've got some dud front springs. They shouldn't settle if they are properly tempered and made right.
Take them to a spring maker and get him to reset them.
OR buy some new ones, or fit spring spacer rings/plates up in the crossmmber.

Personally I'd go for some new ones from a spring maker with a good reputation. They are usually less than $150. Places like Hypercoil sell various sets for about $80.

Paul, any advice on spring suppliers, modifiers in West Mids. I'm in Telford.

Front or rear? From what I heard the 'good' rear spring manufacturer moved from Bridgnorth *to* Telford some time ago, but a number of key employees declined to move with him, which is why production was never resumed. But then again their web site reckons they are still in Bridgnorth! Don't know whether they manufacture the fronts as well. I bought a pair of V8 rears last year when I broke on on the Snowdon Run. I seem to recall my local supplier (Leacy in Birmingham) saying they hadn't had *any* rear springs in for ages (which tends to confirm the story above), and got mine from the MGOC. Leacy did have front springs - the iffy ones I mention above.
Paul Hunt

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