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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Squeaky brakes driving me MAD!

The brakes on my factory cb75 V8 have started squealing. And I mean squealing. They just started for no apparent reason after several thousand miles of non-squeak motoring. I hoped that they would sort themselves out, but its gone on too long now.

I did replace a front caliper not so long ago. Could that be it? Is brake squealing a common problem? And does anyone have a recommendation for how to deal with the problem? (And I don't mean turn the stereo up, buy ear-plugs etc!)

Richard Saunders

Had the same problem, replaced the lot, piston seals etc.
it only seemed to happen when heat built up in the rotors, on a cold day or driving on the interstate it did not happen. What I did was replace the pads with semi carbon metallic ones, as soon as they were fitted no squeal. This could be the cause and could be the quickest and cheapest remedy
Mike Cook

It's been common for a number of years, I put a smear of grease on every metal-to-metal contact including between anti-squeal shim(!) and bad backing and that helps control it.

You should always change calipers in pairs.

Paul Hunt

I dont seem to get this problem since I changed to 4 pot calipers...but you obviously need help as it's driving you potty....!
My understanding is that brake squeal is actually there all the time-the pads are rubbing all the time-most of the time it is out of our hearing range. There are loads of reasons-some of which I can think of include:

The pad compound has changed composition by being overheated at some stage.
The angle of the pads balancing on the cut out of the anti squeal shim(you have got these haven't you?!!) has changed making the pads rub differently.
The surface of the brake disc has worn from its factory spec finish and is now incompatible with the particular pad compound that you have.

I can think of other variables but I could just go on...

Suggestions include:

Try some of the Bendix anti squeal compound-it's a blue gloop that goes on the back of the pad-presumably to dampen the high frequency oscillation-a lot of modern pads come with somthing similar on the backs as standard.

Replace squashed or worn anti squeal shims.

Change the pads(esp if the last set fitted are of an unknown compound)-I'm using Mintex 1144-I find them very good with no squeal -but that is in a four pot caliper.
I have heard from a racing friend that some of the semi metallic linings squeal all the time and are not always disc friendly-check the manufacturer's recs.

Change the discs-a bit drastic-I'd try new pads first but only if the discs aren't chewed up-try to use OE spec discs for thr correct material spec.


John Bourke

Oh and I forgot-you havent got something silly like a small stone jammed into the centre groove on the pad-that would give a sudden squeal-just a thought......


I too have a "works" GT V8, which I have owned from new. Having reworked the engine, to give 220 bhp still on SUs I needed better brakes.

I have fitted larger disks (rotors) and 4 pot calipers. Originally I using Hawke HB Blue 9012 Burnished racing compound pads; and ventilated disks they gave enormous stopping power, but the (expensive) pads and disks were shot to pices after only 1,000 miles of rallying. They were however silent.

I have now changed to cheaper solid disks, and softer pads. Breaking isn't so good, but is still MUCH better than standard. I have tried both Ferodo and Mintex pads but both squeal very badly.

In the pas, on other cars I have found the Bendix anti-squeal compound to be very effective; but haven't been able to get it in recent years.

Could John Bourke kindly post the correct name, and part number, and possibly advise us of where he purchased it?

Nigel Steward

Thank the makers I thought it was just me! My four cylinder MGB used to squeek all the time and it took me for ever to stop it. Like most of the other people here I used a combination of pad changes and anti-squeal compound.

Clem Spriggs

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