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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - SR20DET

This engine has been mentioned in a few threads so I am posting some pictures of what it looks like offered up to a 1969 MGB. I know that this conversion has been done a least once before because I saw pictures of the car which was in Hawaii. I probably will not be going any further with this project for various reasons so I hope these pictures might answer questions that someone else might have who is considering a similar project.
Dana Wilson

Hi Dana

I have often thought about this conversion. Why are you not continuing? Too difficult?


It is not so much the level of difficulty as it is the amount of work that needs to be done. I have had this conversion going for about four years now and what you see in those pictures is all I have to show for it. I suppose you could say my heart is not really in it and that is too bad because I spent a good deal of money. You see, I have another 69 roadster in nice shape and if I put what I spent procuring that Nissan engine and all the parts to get it running along with the cost of the second MG, into getting more HP out of the 4 banger in the driver I could have gone all out with a crossflow head and you name it. It is also clear that the amount of money that I have spent is not the end. The MG that I was going to put the SR20DET into needs a total restoration. I am at the point now where I must decide to continue or try to recoup some of the cost and move on.
Dana Wilson

Thanks for sharing the information and photos. I haven't seen so many wires since I hooked up the MPFI on my V6 conversion. A shame you might not continue, but as you're finding out any new conversion is much more time consuming and dollar consuming than originally thought. At least the fit isn't bad, so the real problems will be with the electronics and the intake/exhaust system. Should be a real sweet running car when complete.
Bill Young

Bill, the fit doesn't look too bad but if you look closely at the photos of the front axle you will see that it is dropped down 2 or 3 inches from the chassis and I haven't even tried to fit the hood so the engine may have to drop down even more. I thought I would be notching out some of the front axle but the way the oil pan on this engine wants to occupy the same space as the axle it will take much more than a notch. As far as electronics go that part is easy to me. I have all ready had the engine running on the garage floor so I know where all the wires go. The exhaust will be a big part of the work what with having to relocate the turbo and all. I will suggest to any one thinking about this conversion to look at a similar put non-turbo engine. It would be simpler and the engine would cost way less. I agree, it would make for a sweet running car.
Dana Wilson

You would need to make a custom sump (or have one made)
Essentially cut off the sump , retain the top edge/bolt on bit and weld a flat piece of steel that slopes back to what would be effectively a small oil tank attached at the back, a remote sump. The oil pick up obviously needs to be lengthnd and placed in this tank. You would need to bolt the thing to a flat surface while welding to try and keep it flat. Lots of trouble. One of those nice V8's would be easier.

Peter, I understand what you are saying but most of the sump/oil pan on this engine is aluminum. There is a small section near the front that is steel but not enough to work with. To really make a difference I would need to modify the aluminum. I agree, one of those nice V8s probably would be easier.
Dana Wilson

To me it looks like even the block would interfere with the stock crossmember. I made a sump for my T16 and it clears the crossmember, because the block has basically the same position and dimension as the B-series block.

Still, nice effort :o)
Oliver Stephenson

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