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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Steering Knuckle Clearance problems

I recently bought an unfinished V8 B GT conversion which I have now got through the MOT. I still have a problem with the steering though. The shaft running from the rack up the side of the chassis rail catches on the underside of the engine mount (the weld one on the chassis rail) I can adjust to top mount under the dash to clear it but then the knuckle joint catches on the exhaust manifold bolt. Has anybody else come across this or have you any suggestions to rectify. The rubbing making the steering stiff and is spoiling the car.


I had a similar problem.

Replacing the manifold bolts with stainless hex-head setscrews helps, but I had to file a taper on this to get satisfactory clearance.

You may have to take out the rack and oval the hole in the engine mount so the column is clear also.

M Barnfather

RV8 engine mounts?

RV8 Bonnet with vents


Many thanks for the advice, do you know whether the bolts are metric or imperial?


The bolts for the exhaust manifold and the rest of the engine are imperial,(UNC) most of the other nuts and bolts on the car will be UNF.

m clemas

Steve, you should also check the rubber mounts between the crossmember & the chassis rails. If these are thin or worn, it will reduce steering column clearance.You could pack them out a bit to gain a bit more clearance. Re your other post. Can the alternator be pivoted to a lower posn. using a different length fan belt ? Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

You can get stainless button head capscrews to use for the manifold bolts, which gives a good bit more space.
Jim Blackwood

Many thanks for all the advice. I found a slimline flexi joint at RS Components designed for gearbox/transmission use which isnt much wider than the shaft itself. It needs the shafts drilling and rollpins fitting as there are no pinch bolts but it is splined the same. This has given me another 10-12mm of clearance all round the joint. Many thanks again.


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