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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - steering shaft

Can someone give me the diameter of the steering shaft and the spline count for a 1979 MGB?

I define the steering shaft as part of the steering rack ending at the U-joint at the fire wall.

Jim Stuart

pretty sure it's 3/4 x 48 spline Jim. Not easy to find stocked at the speed shops, but sweet mfg & flaming river both make them & you can order direct from them.
x Ficalora

I used one from Borgeson. It is smaller then stock and gave me the clearance I needed:



Hi Jim,
I used the low profile Flaming River one, I just ordered the version with 3/4" x 48 splines by telephone from them.
Tony Bates

We just installed a borgson on the XK120 with a 150 rack and steering column. Nice piece. Smaller then the MGB original and about the same price as the others listed but I believe the borgson looks a bit smaller.

BMC Brian McCullough

Thanks, guys, for all your replies. Good pictures, Gary, quite a difference in both size & appearance. Sweet, Flaming River, and Borgeson for sources, 3/4" x 48 splines.
Jim Stuart

Yea Jim, the size different really gave me the room I needed.


And for something really different: the U-Joint on a 240 Volvo is the correct diameter and spline count for use on an MGB. It is made of aluminum and is smaller in diameter than the stock MGB, but it is little longer.
John Perkins

I used the flaming river slimline one, very nice, flush grub screws, plenty of clearance, plus they do the shafts to fit.


..and here's a tip.

When drilling out the relief in the shaft for the grub screw, use a spot weld drill bit, rather than a normal one.

Cuts through the hardened shaft like butter and leaves a nice flat bottom in the hole it makes.


Jim, The Sweet universal is by far the smallest in size and gives the most clearence.

Steve Carrick

Steve - Where can I see/get a "Sweet Universal"
Tony Bates

Boy, what a lot of good info. Thanks again, all.
Jim Stuart

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