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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - steering vibration

This is my first contribution to this site...

i have had several MGB's and following John Bourkes advice (thanks john) i purchased a factory V8 about i month ago ..needless to say i enjoy the car very much...i have now sorted out a few minor faults but would like some advice on the following ...under medium to heavy acceleration there is vibration and some noise from the steering is this cured ..???

i would also like to join the V8 register and details would be appreciated

The car no. is 2522 in Glacier white, 69,000 miles
kyri nicholas

The V8 registrar is:-

e-mail him with details of your car.

Good luck, I have had a factory V8 since new in 1973 - great car.

Safety Fast

Nigel Steward

Sounds like the engine is touching the steering column shaft under the torque reaction of acceleration. Can be caused by soggy (worn) or broken engine mounts.
Mine is 2122 Bracken.
David Smith

Kyri - even with new rubber mounts, the right hand mounting requires two spacers. (OE).

thanks i will check the mountings ...but i have been told it is a fiddly job to replace them it best to replace them with standard mountings or is there something better ...
kyri nicholas

Use the standard V8 rubber mount - it's harder than the the 1800 version although it looks the same.

It is a fiddly job and would be a good time to refit the starter motor unless you know it is in first class order.

It is a fiddle - but gets easier with practice!

2328 Tahiti
Paul Hunt

..except with big hands! V8 spec mounts usually have a small red spot for identification.

Roger Parker

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