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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Sunroof aperture - for Paul Kile

a while ago you asked about the exact dimensions. I recently had the opportunity to measure the hole on a stripped shell with a sunroof - it was 30 3/8 inches wide by 30 1/2 inches long.
David Smith

Incidentally, these seem to be available again, I saw an ad on the back of a bus!

Paul Hunt

Paul, where exactly are these sunroofs available? I am looking for one.

I had a GT with such a top. It was a fabric top not a metal or glass top.

The new Webasto sunroofs are I believe slightly smaller in size than the original.They will not fit the original hole as I was thinking of replacing mine with a new one. Again I believe the new one comes as a complete "Cassette" which goes in in one piece. I have a name somewhere of the specialist who will know all the answers, from whom I got replacement green strips for my GT. Ah! yer tiz -
John Gravell, 01-403-785-326. He even sent the parts before I paid. Try him!
robert pulleyblank

Thanks for the info, David. Unfortunately, my wife has forbidden me to install a sunroof in the V-8 - she remembers how my old 4-cylinder GT with a Britax sunroof used to drip on her knees in rainy weather. I do like the old fabric sunroofs though.

Paul Kile
Paul Kile

>>>>>'rainy weather' ??
Didn't know you knew what that was, in CA !!
David Smith

Very funny, David! Actually we don't get much rain for about 3/4 of the year. The rest of the time the heavens open and we get these huge gullywashers that cause all sorts of problems. Most of the problems are due to the idea that "California doesn't get much rain" so no one prepares for it!

Paul Kile
Paul Kile

They only drip if you have them open, and then if you go fast enough the rain gets deflected by the little green strips and hits the car behind. QED!
The other solutions are;
Dont take your wife out in the V8 - (mine is scared to death after a few gentle rear end waggles)
Buy her her own 4 cyl GT.
bob pulleyblank

""California doesn't get much rain" so no one prepares for it!" - sounds like the UK and snow which we get about once every five years. And leaves, which funnily enough fall at around the same time every year.

Paul Hunt

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