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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Suspensions and axles

Any of you out there running a high output v8 or a stroked v8? I am looking for ideas on suspension systems and if the rear axle will handle the grunt of a higher power v8? Lookin for some info. I am gonna throw a bored and stroked (to 266-289") 215 at the B and am trying to figure out what will be needed to be done to make the car handle this power.

There are a couple of people (such as Glen Towery in Delaware) offering Ford 8 differentials connected to MGB axles, hubs and brakes. The Ford centers are plenty strong enough and offer many ratios and the MGB parts allow them to adapt to the rest of the car easily.
George Champion

Jarrod, you will need more than just a rear axle to hanlde the high output V8. The high torque V8 conversion requires modifications to the chassis.
Bill Guzman

And the brakes.
Geoff King

Well, I have a rust free 77 MGB complete minus seats, 4 banger motor and trans so doing mods to the chassis wont be that difficult. What do you suggest I do?

Contact Currie Enterprises at Ford 8 or 9 inch complete with 31 spline (or larger) axles, posi, and Ford explore disk brakes including calibers and rotors, for about $2500 plus he already has the dimensions taken off my 78 MGB. And since I purchased mine he now has aluminum center sections. And you can get just about any ratio you want. Great people to deal with and they are fast only took about 5 weeks to my door.
Michael S. Domanowski

yeah, i know about currie as i am a big four wheeler and have priced some of their axles for my jeep. my question is, what type of gearing did you use in that axle?

I put in 3.0:1 in my Currie 9 inch but I still had the stock MGB 4 speed tranny. I'm switching to a T5 now (ordered from D&D Fabrications) so I may change to 3.55:1 in the rear. Also Currie can put any lug pattern/size on the axle so you have a better choice of rear wheel & tire sizes. I stuck with the stock 4 lug MGB wheel size cause I had just purchased 5 new Mini Lite wheels but I think I'm going to change that as well and go to a Ford 5 bolt pattern (lots of wheels & tires for those Mustangs). Say anyone want to buy 5 slightly used (2000 miles) MiniLite wheels with Dunlop 195x15 50 series on them?
Michael S. Domanowski

If you change to the 5 bolt pattern from a ford, what are you going to do about the front bolt pattern?
Jarrod Hills

I could do what Werner did and go to Porsche in the front, for that matter I could make it easy and go Porsche all around. Or I could just do Ford 5 lug in the rear, and carry a can of flat fix. But that is all going to be next year anyway, I still have time to think about it.
Michael S. Domanowski

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