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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - td/tf conversion???

Hello , awhile back I posted any TD /TF conversions known of???and alot of interesting things were discussed,,as I stated a friend of mine knew of td /tf in a barn & an old man who would'nt sell it come hell or high water,,,well it turns out it's a td and the old guy is kinda a B------D,,[THATS AN UNDERSTATEMENT..]he dosent want anything to do with anybody & apparently nobody wants anything to do with him...nuff said on that,,anyway its a TD its rough[thats an understatement]& he'll never sell it!!![why i dont know??]but when he's gone I'd hate to be the auctionner,or closest of kin,they'll be luckey if 10 people show up to that auction,,,ok,,ok,, i have running B conv. but will need paint/inter./ lots of work and I've always wanted & have recaught the TD/TF bug...SOOOOOO I'm looking for one[must be no engine,or trans. ]but fairly decent otherwise,,[dont want to hack a runner or a restorable,matching #'s car]but still not interested in stock project.. want better/more reliable power,,electric's,,handling,,etc..anybody know of one???needs to be within a few hours drive of Harrisburg P.A. thank's to all that responded to my other post and as far as this one [well I'm hoping...]

Check my post on the TA-TB-TC BBS regarding a 1948 TC. I can send pics.

Not mine...I passed on it for a different car on Saturday...but told the owner I would help him move it.

rick ingram

I suspect that he won't sell it cause someone wants it. Some people are just like that.
Didn't the guy who designed the cobra get his start racing a V8 TD?

I know how that goes. Years ago I tried to buy a XK120 rusting away in a field that the guy wouldn't sell. Lyle
Lyle Jacobson

hi,rick ingram i wouldnt mind seeing pic' stated on your post his idea & your idea of what the car was worth was different??? how much different??? whats he asking if i'm not being to nosey?? & where's the car at??? i will e/mail you with my e/add. if you say its ok [awaiting your response]thank you...

Denny...please post me... rick
rick ingram

Denny...Received your request and will post info from home computer......rick
rick ingram

Denny...the request for info came from Canada, not I stil await your e-mail address to send pics and info on the TC....sorry for the confusion....rick
rick ingram

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