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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - thermostat housing for stock 215 intake

What thermostat housing do you use for a stock 215 manifold to send the radiator hose to the right. (perspective from siting in the car.)

When I got the manifold it didnt have a housing and Im have a great deal of trouble locating a better
substitute. I am trying to modofy an auto zone special at the moment but I have doubts it will work

Any one have a solution?

Thanks ahead of time.

Steve D
Steve Devine

I'm pretty sure Dan Lagrou has what you need. His website is He's a super guy, don't hesitate to get anything from him.


When I was getting into my V8 conversion I ordered that thermostat housing from Dan. I was going to send it back because it was lacking a place to hook-up a small heater hose but, that whole project is long gone now. If you want it and UPS will deliver to you, give me your address. I will be gald to pass it on.
Dana Wilson

The housing to use depends on the radiator setup you are planning on. Most of us use radiators with the top hose on the driver's side (USA seating) as the bottom hose almost has to go to the passenger side. Having the top hose on the driver side eliminates the problem of water short cycling from inlet to outlet without passing through the core. If the top tank is baffeled, then you have no problem & can use the top connection on the passenger side & a stock 215 housing should work. If you don't get a better offer, I will check at the shop this week as I think I still have one or two of the 215's left. They do have an outlet for the heater.

Most of the conversions use the Buick 300 housing as it points the hose straight ahead & is easier to use with the top radiator fitting on the driver side. These are still available in cast iron from NAPA & others. Ask for a Buick 1964 300 V8 housing. It also has the nipple for the heater hose.

D & D should have either style in stock. The 300 style is listed at $20.00, no listing for the 215, you will have to ask Dan for a price.
Jim Stuart

Jim Stuart,
I checked with NAPA, CarQuest, and AutoZone on the 64 thermostat housing for a Buick 300. All had none for the 64 but did have them for 65-67. Are these the same? NAPA gave me an OEM number of 1366-381. I am interested in a housing that points straight forward.
James Johanski


Don't know for sure about the 64-65, but probably OK. The part number from Four Seasons is 84853. A division of Standard Motor Products Inc, located in Grapevine, Texas.

I will look tomorrow when I get to the shop to see if I have one left. Did you check with D & D?


Jim Stuart

Glen Towery in Cheswold, DE., (302) 734-1243, is another source for the correct thermostat housing - That's where mine came from!
He also has hoses to match the rad setup described by Jim (top left inlet,bottom right outlet) .
Graham Creswick

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