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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Thinking about an engine swap--advice?

I've got an '80 LE that I've owned for about six years now, and have been trying to sell, without much luck for about three. The body's in great shape and it runs fine. Problem is: I seldom drive it. I'm thinking about installing either a V8 or V6, in order to give it some GO. I just finished putting about ten grand into my MGA, so in order to keep myself out of divorce court, this one's going to have to be a bit economical. Don't think I can talk her into another really costly project. A Rover swap would be ideal--but sources for that setup are scarce and pricey in the panhandle. That leaves me looking at either a Ford or GM product. Major hp is not a requirement--something between 140 to 200 whould be great. What I need is an engine that will fit well, requiring as few special bits as possible, along with a ready source for that stuff necessary for adaptation. I really don't want to be custom fabricating sumps and such. It would also be nice to be able to do routine work on it without having to pull the engine. Also could use a bit of advice on transmissions and clutches as well.
R. L Carleen

No engine swap is going to be cheap unless you are going to use salvage yard parts & not rebuild anything, or unless you can do the engine/tranny rebuild yourself. Almost any swap is going to require a different transmission, clutch, drive shaft, motor & transmission mounts, exhaust system & more.

The only cheap way I know of to add reasonable power to an MGB, assuming your engine is in good shape, is the Moss supercharger. Cost is around $3000.00, kit is complete, no body/exhaust/cooling system/electrical mods required. I would add a better electric cooling fan than the 2 little ones you now have, but that may not be required.
Jim Stuart

R.L., check with Bill Guzman at

He markets a kit for installing a GM V6 which is not too expensive. The engines are fairly plentiful in both Camaros and S10 trucks along with 5 speed transmissions. A stock B radiator will cool one, so that expense can be considered toward the kit. Probalby the best bang for the buck for what you describe.
Bill Young


Glad to hear you are thinking of coming over to the "dark side"!

Check with Dan Lagrou at D&D Fabrication in Michigan
( ) He can offer a LOT.

I agree with Jim. Conversions are not necessarily inexpensive. It's like building a always upgrades!

If you can come up to Grand Rapids Michigan from August 12-16, the British V8s will be in force. Lots of parts provides, and a definite "cesspool of knowledge" from those of us who have done (or are going through) a conversion.


rick ingram
rick ingram

Just FYI, I got my Buick 215 V8 w/ T5 up and running for < $4500 but I did all the work including paint, rebuilding engine, all assembly and custom machining. This includes buying the car. I know because Ive kept a running total from day 1. So it is possible, but its also taken me 2+ years.

Thanks for the links to the sites...Looks like a good winter project. I like the V6 swap. Think I'll start shopping around for a used Camaro or Firebird that I can use as an organ donor--there's a lot of them around that look like hell, but still rujn strong.. My budget is around five grand--so I think this is very doable. I'll drop in on ya'll from time to time and let you know how I'm progressing.
R. L Carleen

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