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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Throttle cable

Before I go and have a cable made up, is there an off the shelf item which links the MGB to the older style Rover SD1 injection.

Nick Smallwood

Isn't anyone going to answer Nick's question ? I want to know as well ! Nick , I would think the cable from a LH drive car would be pretty close to the mark. Barrie E.
Barrie Egerton

I used the throttle cable from a Suzuki Samuri to hook my stock MGB throttle pedal to my Ford fuel injection. Their're plenty long and easly adaptable.

I used the cable which came with the '94 3.9 RR. It fits perfectly if you run it across the back of the engine compartment (above the heater), into and then back out of that odd space in/above the guard. Nice gradual curves.You need to go throught the bonnet hinges to tuck it up well out of the way and it's virtually out of sight. At the accellerator end I initially used a small bolt to attach the "male" RR end to a short strip of metal, which slotted into the (female) MG "pedal". Later I welded a couple of bits of metal to the accellerator and discarded the strip for no other reason than it looked neater and I was looking for something to do. The metal strip worked fine.
The throttle end (female type) was obviously OK, except I added a bit to extend the length of the throttle lever to get more control and so it would match the much longer pedal travel of the MG.
Don't know if the Range Rover has the same set up as a SD1 Rover though. The throttle is a thin arm which the fork of the cable attaches either side of and there is a plastic adjusting screw which clips into a Hole about the size of your finger.


It depends on which bracket you have on the plenum, if the throttle cable enters from the right side then a RV8 cable should fit perfectly. However, if the cable enters from the left, the Range Rover cable that Peter used will do but it will pass from one side of the car to the other instead of simply across the back of the plenum chamber.

Geoff King


Sounds like I need the RV8 cable with the more direct routing.


Nick Smallwood

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