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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Timing Cover Stud?

I'm finishing up my 4.0 build and knnow there is a stud in the block that sticks out of the timing cover on the left side (as looking at the the front of the engine). I can find this part at a few rover parts dealers but, I'm confused on what this stud will be used for?
Is this needed for a mg conversion that will utilize an alternator and air conditioner?


Can you specify, upper or lower on the timing cover, or perhaps a picture of the offending area?

Hal, there are 2 studs on the front of a 3.5ltr block. I assume the 4.0 ltr is the same One at the top LH & one at the bottom RH. They're for location purposes as far as I know. You can hang the gasket on them. Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

If it sticks through the cover and is threaded there are two on the factory V8 and they are used to secure the cover along with the bolts for the rest of the holes.
Paul Hunt

Does anyone know what the Fel Pro number for the Rover timing chain cover gasket is?

Bruce Mills


I guess I need to clarify. For "stud" I meen threaded on both sides. The locating studs I always thought were refered to as "dowels". When I broke my orginial block (3.5) I bought a 4.0 short block to bolt everything to. My old 3.5 had two locating dowels, one on the top right, and one on the lower right (about the 4 O-clock position). The stud is located on the lower left (apx 8 O-clock), I believe it has UNF threads that stick out from the installed timing cover about 1 inch. What I'm confused about is what the heck is this going to be used for? If it's just to secure the timing cover as the other 6, or so, bolts; why use the stud and not a bolt? If non of you guys had to use this stud to mount an alternator mounting bracket (or something like that), then I'll just fill that hole with a bolt?


I recently bought a FELPRO full engine gasket set for a Buick 215, this was $70 vs the $150+ for a rover set.
I assumed that even though this was an old engine I would get "new technology" gaskets (i.e the same ones they sell for the rover). Most of my set is of the cork variety and yes a few rope seals, but I have a few gaskets sent when I got a camshaft that negate those rope ones. Anyway I'm giveing you the Felpro part #'s for the set and the timing cover gasket (a paper one).
Set = FS 7948 PT
Timing cover = 1-13001

Thanks evreyone for your input...


SD1 saloons generally a crank position sensor mounted to sense a smal pin in the front pulley as an aid during servicing. This was on an alloy bracket fixed by the long stud through the front cover.

However this was on the right of the engine - assuming oil pump on the left as you look at the front.

Dave Brooke

Thanks Dave,

We are talking about the same side, I've also checked around (D&D) and have found that Buick engines did not have this. Since I bought a "Buick" engine bolt kit and it supplies enough bolts for all the holes in the cover, I'm going to assume this is for a sensor of some sort. I don't forsee needing this stud now, lets just hope I don't.

Thank-you, everyone, for your input.

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