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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - tire opinions

Time for new tires on the ole' beater. I'm looking for opinions on different brands. Mostly I'd say I'm looking for the best ride, not necessarily the best handling tire, which would probably give a harsher ride. I'm running 185/65-14's, someday I'll upgrade to 15's. I'm sure there are lots of differing opinions, but all are welcome, even Carl's. You can bet I'll enjoy smoking off what's left of the Pirelli's...

Hi Dale. Try Sumitomo HTR200s from 195/60x14 for $43 each. I've a set of 195/60x15 on my old green 'B.

TTFN, y'all. Eh?

Derek Nicholson

Yokohama Avids give good handling and reasonable ride comfort. I am driving my 3rd set and really like them.
Jim Stuart

Michellin XM1's. High treadware rating, nice big water channels so good in the wet. Low rolling resistance, quiet.

Okay Dale, you asked for it. ;)

Personally, I am tired of replacing cracked sidewall, dry rotted tires that still have lots of tread. So, figure out how many miles you will put on the tires in 3-4 years. Or less, depending how often you would like to buy new rubber. Then find the best handling tires that will last that long. Learn new words like Toyo, Kumho, Falken...

Then invite me up to show you how to do a real burnout! :)
Carl Floyd

Maybe you guys know of an alternative for the BFG's I've been running for about 25 years. (2nd or 3rd set now)
They're 265-50/14 and 3 are only 2 or 3 years old but no more mileage than I've been putting on them lately, soft rubber might be a good idea.

Jim Blackwood

Hey Jim,

That is a tough size. I use BFGs on my '68 Camaro. Euro 305/50-15s on the back. Great tire.

My MG is shod with 205/55-14 Toyo RA-1 shaved down to 5/32" (Mike Moore said I was cheating 'cause I was a whole second faster than everyone else. I didn't have Ted's front suspension like 3 others did). ;)
Carl Floyd

Thanks all for the input. I have gone with Dereks recommendation of the HTR's, even though his tip to buy Enron stock didn't work out too well for me. Tire Rack's owner survey rated them the highest amongst 10 brands and at $45 each, sounds like a bargain. Can't wait for the meet. Is purple still is style??

Hi Dale
Im running Kumhos 195/60-14 ECSTA HP 4 with good grip and low squeal.seem to be a good tire so far.
I'll be in touch about meeting up in VA on the way to TN
Take all of Derek's advice with a good dose of salts
All the best
Gil Price

Carl, Mike said you were cheating because he didn't win. No mystery there. Hopefully this time I'll be able to join in the fun. Don't know how competitive I'll be, but the fun is in the driving anyway.

Jim Blackwood

Mike was just a funnin'. ;)

Sorry to disappoint, Jim, my understanding this year is a touring event. The hard driving is next year in Ohio! YEEHAW.

For those that like to play hard, I have proposed we drive over to Pigeon Forge and see if we can get kicked off some gokart tracks. :)
Carl Floyd

Probably take me that long to get used to driving it again anyway...;-) Go karts? I love getting kicked off the go karts! It's what I do best!

Jim Blackwood

I also liked the Sumitomo HTR200s from They are a very soft compound rubber and have great grip for the price. Tire Rack is only about 30 minutes from where I live so I was able to drive down on a Saturday and have then installed.
Jim Miller

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