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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Tire questions

Well, we have wheel questions, now I have tire questions.

I would like if people would tell me what rubber they are using on thier V8 cars. Size, model, $$ installed, how satisfied you are, where you live.. I ask this mostly of those in the US, as that is where I am, but I would like to hear from all V8 owners...

I got quotes for "light performance" tires and they are in the $500+ range mounted and out the door, that is just a bit over what I was looking for, but the guy said for any performance that is what I should do.. A week ago I got a quote of $280, for a performance type tire, but could not get a comparison to what I saw today...
Larry Embrey

Larry,i'm using stock 14" MGB wheels with Kelly Charger P195/60R14 Radials They fit the rims great and are a nice width,low profile tire.They clear everything and do not rub lock to lock and are a great handling tire.They cost about $50.00 each
Ken Blough

I guess it will depend on your driving style. Is the car going to see any snow? Try they always have good prices. A quick search turned up many ultra-high performance tires for around $60 ea.

I have 195/60-15 Yokohama A509. Unfortunately they are discontinued, but I believe they are relpaced by the A520. They wear fast, but have great dry traction. It's always a compromise between traction and wear. I think I paid $55 per tire and $15 per wheel for mounting, blancing and chrome valve stems.

What tire did they quote $500 for?? You could get Pirelli P-zero's for that price :)
Michael Hartwig

The $500 was mount balance out the door, was for Toyo's.. T4's?? then was the Z4's, I remeber the #2 tire was $479 for tires alone..

I should have looked at tirerack, doh!

My V8 will not see snow at all, It may very well see some rain or wet roads, impossible not to in WA.

I just want a tire that holds good, with the power I will be pushing I know nothing will keep it glued when I stand on it, but I don't want the "driving on ice" feeling either. I am looking at 205/50R15 size if that helps..
Larry Embrey

I am running the Bridgestone Potenza tires 215/60X15 and I am very pleased with the results. Price is around $78 a piece and they last at least 50,000 miles
Werner Van Clapdurp

Great thanks!! It does beg a few questions..
1. What is wet traction like, and do you find they hold good in the dry?

2. Did you need to do and wheel well modifications.

3. Is you car RB, CB or RB lowered to chrome hieght??
Larry Embrey

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