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I know this is not about MGV8, but does anybody here have any experience with British marque TVR? What V8 engines do they use, are parts avaliable, are there any dealerships in USA or Canada, are they well built?

BR Dave

They use a small block Ford 260 ci and later models use the 289 ci Weakness is the single leaf spring at front, it brakes.
Bill Guzman

And yes, an MGB or A is allot more fun.
Bill Guzman

You know, TVR is an old company. They've produced many different models (using many different engines) over the last 50 or so years. In addition to the Ford V8s Bill mentioned, TVR has built lots of cars with the Rover V8 (particularly in 4.2L trim), plus they've developed and they now use their own engines.

This link might help you sort it out:

Are they well built? I don't know, but I'd like to have one or two to evaluate. I guess I'll need a couple Lotus's too, just for the sake of comparison.

The early TVR, Grantura use MG type B, Coventry-climax FEW and Ford 100E engine, the Griffith, (Grantura mkIII chassis, inspired by American TVR distributor Jack Griffith) use Ford 289 Hi-po engine, the Vixen and Tuscan, Ford 4 and V6 engine, the Taimar (TAIlgate and MARtin, Martin Lilley, TVR boss) 1600M (M for Martin) Ford 1599 ”Kent”, 2500M Triumph straight six, 3000M 2994 Ford (England) V6, the Tasmin (christian name, Lilley girl friend, at the time) Ford (German) V6, the 350i the first car with the Rover V8 engine (Vitesse), the Tuscan, Griffith, Chimeara use TVR engine (Rover enlarged, modified,derived, 5litre, 340hp)
Now TVR build this own engine, AJP8 (V8, 4.5litre, 420hp, first initial engine designer Al Melling, John Ravensroft, Peter Wheeler), Speed Six (straight six, 4litre, 390hp) and Speed 12 (V12). The new TVR owner, it’s a Russian entrepreneur called Nikolaï Smolenski?


They build them round the corner from where I live in Bispham, it's a small operation a bit like Morgan, the cars are fibreglass on a tubular chassis.

The build quality (particularly regards trim) has been a bit suspect in the past, (they have some difficulty getting skilled workers), but they have a fabulous performance , and a very enthusiastic following in the UK.
Michael barnfather

Here is some info on the early MG powered TVRs including my Mk 3 Grantura race car (which ran at Spa and Nurburgring this summer)
Bill Spohn

There's a TVR 2500M near me that has had a very clean implant of a Chevy 350 under the bonnet. Alloy heads and other lovely bits. The owner claims 400HP and a change of underwear anytime there's a damp patch on the road!

Derek Nicholson

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