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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - UK Need your help

Need your help!

My car suppose to be on June's issue of Retro magazine in the UK. I have send several e-mails to Retro magazoine with no luck.

I would appreciated if someone could buy a couple of magazines for me, I would send a cahiers check to cover the expense.

In advance, thanks

Bill Guzman

Bill, is this the mag you are talking about?
Dana Wilson

Yes Dana, that is the one.
Bill Guzman

Hi Bill
I picked up a copy last month whilst visiting mainland UK. It has been well thumbed but you are welcome to it.... your brace of cars looked great! Send me an address and I will post it to you.
Nick Bentley
Nick Bentley

What? Are those Bill's "flying doorstops"? :)
Carl Floyd

way to go bill, my v6 mini estate that i sold a couple months ago was in that magazine about 2 years ago, jim
james madson

James, I saw that car, in fact I have the picture in my garage, reall y awsome car.

I stoped my subscription of Retro due to the high cost $78.00 US dollars per year.

Great magazine. James are you going to TN this year?
Bill Guzman

This thread was discussed on 10/06/2006

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