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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Un-official debut of new combination!

Hello again everyone!!

Well this was to be the weekend of the car's debut for the year. It has been a BUSY winter for me, and even busier last few days trying to get ready for the NW Mustang Round-up. This is the biggest gathering of Ford mustangs in the world each year. This years Pony Trails (road tour) had 428 cars!!

BUT as luck has it a non upgraded item failed on me as I went to do the shakedown cruise and I thus missed having the car in the show.

ANYWAY without further adue, here is a link to a page with my new Ford EFI 5.0 motor in my MGB!

"new" '99 explorer 5.0 block with 17k miles
Same GT40X heads as last year
237/247 @ .050 / .480lift cam
'95 mustang GT intakes
'98 explorer Harness and sensors
Cobra TB and MAF, '97 Cobra ECU
'99 Explorer front engine assembly with cover, pump, brakcets and 130A Alt.

FMS told me 350 at the crank as it sits, should be a fun year if I can get it on the road.
Larry Embrey

VERY impressive, Larry! Absolutely terrific.

Hi Larry,

Looks great !


1969 MGB 302 V8
PJ Mantell

Great job on the car but, you also deserve credit for a nicely done documentation and web site. It's a great inspiration for me as I sit here and dream about the conversion I hope to do someday.
Dana Wilson

Hey Larry totally solid! You even featured the extra fans I sent you in a starring role. Cool.

I kind of miss my V8. Oh well, taxes is taxes.

David D.

I can;t believe those fans would not cool your car!!!! They are mini cyclones!!! Seriously, they easily flow double what my stock ones did and those were able to keep her just below boiling up to about 85* which for us is hot..

Those are now my ONLY fans. I found out the hard wya that they were pullers only heh but that works as you can see. Hows the new toy of yours?
Larry Embrey

Looking good Larry! You have been a busy boy I see!

bill jacobson

Are you taking your car to the Bellevue ABFM on Saturday?

Jim Lema

Hey all I appreciate the compliments, it has been HARD keeping it a secret!!! I just wanted to know it was going to fit and at least fire before I said anything...

No I will not be attending ABFM. The car is running like steamed and packed Azz right now, I am really really ticked off about it, since I have spent 3+weeks working all night on it and have SOOOOO much to do still. And I can't get the motor running well, then the brakes are shot for some reason and are all new...

Basically I am burned out and have a few more weeks of work and tuning before she would be safe to drive and I just give up for a while.. I need some "ME" and family time.. heh

I will not even go into how disappointed and depressed I am as I have been pushing for months to make these shows and am going to miss both. The only thing I am really holding onto is that it does in fact fit under the hood and looks SWEET!!!!!

I will probably go the same route as Jim did with regards to the ignition, since my newer ECU is not cooperating.. I just have to have my coil packs.. really sets her off!!!

Thanks guys I wILL keep everyone up to date on progress..
Larry Embrey

Larry, don't feel down, you've really accomplished a lot. In a similar spot last year, I trailered the car to the V8 meet and was only able to drive it around the parking lot a few times. Still it was worth going, and this year made it all worthwhile. Think about it this way, you've got a great car you can show if you like, even if you don't drive it, and all the time before the next meet to tidy things up. The really neat thing is that it's the only one like it in existance and although others may follow your lead, you did it first.

Let me know how I can help with your ignition.

Jim Blackwood

Heh, I JUST got my goody box from a buddy. 95 cobra copmplete EFI electronics set-up. It is a distributor system, but for short term I will leave it that way. This will be a bolt in and drive away install as it is 5.0 based and I am using 95 mustang intakes and TB already... I don;t have a trailer, no pass seat, no carpet, and my intake tube is not routed at all, so I will not be going. Gonna spend tomorrow with family as I have not done that in quite a while...

I WILL be hitting you up at some point about the ignition. I think I rememebr it is 93-95 Crown Vics?? I know I already have a remote mounted PIP as the 94/95 moved it off the distributor due to heat issues.. That may just help heh
Larry Embrey

Yeah, the '93 vic used a 35 tooth crank wheel and a CID sensor. The module was hung off the inner fender somewhere and tied into the coil packs and the PCM, oh and also the cruise control I think.

Hear the weather's warm out there today. Good day for inside family stuff.

Jim Blackwood

Yup, that is the same system as the explorer, just the explorer's was built into ECU.

hrmmm cruise control hrmmmmmmmmmm heh Forgot about that..
Larry Embrey

Looks like you folks like the update!!!

I just doubled my monthly traffic on the site. I switched servers and don't have actual hits, but I have had 760mb transfer from the site in a matter of a week. last month I had 450total for the month!!

Larry Embrey

I am sorry that I didn't get the name of the owner of the car, but at the ABFM there was a MGA with a 5.0 Ford with EFI. The car also had a 82 Corvette rear end that looked real good. Call Arnie and he would be able to get you the owners name and phone number.

Jim Lema

Ihave heard about him from the Mustang guys, he is from up in the Snohomish area. Those MGA's have allot more room in them than most peopel realise.. and being frame and body makes fitting nice too!!!

I will try to talk with Arnie at the meeting tomorow night and see what he has..
Larry Embrey

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