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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - University Motors / John Twis Show

Who plans on attending the University Motors show this Saturday? They have a BV8 class which puts us on the field together.
Jim Miller

Jim I'll be there, and I believe that Mike Moor will be there too

Steve Carrick
Steve Carrick

We'll be there with my new MGA V8. We'll be there Wednesday with Robert & Vonda Rushing for the Lap Around the Lake. What a shake down run!
John & Carol Mangles

look fwd to seeing the V8 gang again! plan to be there thur. pm.
kelly stevenson


I think Mike said he wouldn't be able to make it.

Have a good trip, Kelly.
Carl Floyd

Ooops! Wrong Mike M. It was Mike Maloney that can't make it.
Carl Floyd

I'll be there as well.
I'll start washing the car tonight

Bruce Wyckoff

I'll see you there,too!
Jack Renaud
Windsor Detroit MG Club
PS Hey, Carl, Are you going to be there?
John Renaud

Hi Jack!

No, I've still got to fix the severe vibration that developed after the drag racing portion of the V8 Meet.

Besides, it's waaaay to far to drive if there's no racing involved. :)
Carl Floyd

Anyone know what's happening on Saturday at Twist's show? I should be in GR on that day.

Unfortunately, there will not be a blue oval presence from Canada this meet - the trouble 'n strife has me dipping into the job jar.
While you chaps are drinking beer, I'll be drywalling the basement - sometimes life can be cruel!
Graham Creswick

I arrived in Grand Rapids on Sunday nite. My rallye partner, rick verhey, and I did a final run of the Grand Lake Endurance Challenge around Lake Michigan on Monday and Tuesday. Got to the Hilton today. No MGs here as of yet (5:30pm local time). My MG is not here either; I could not find the keys to any of the three since our move to the new house.

Justin, to answer your question, the show is being held at the Fairgrounds in Lowell on Saturday. Most cars will be on the field by 10am and probably gone by 3pm. There *should* be several vendors on site. Would be great to see you! I'll *probably* be close to the NAMGBR tent, the MGCs, and the V8 group.


rick ingram


The first of the parking lot parties has ended.

Jean and myself, Rick Verhey, Drew and Jeannie Hastings, Steve Carrick, Jim and Suzie Johanski, and a brief appearance by Curt Bork.

Quite a reunion!

John and Carol Mangles have made it in the MGA V8; Robert and Vonda Rushing in their MGB; William Fox and sons in a Land ROver. 300ZX is out in the parking lot, not an MG.

rick ingram

Sounds like a party to me! Dad and I will be up early tomorrow morning.It'll be good to see everyone again. Mike
Mike Moor


I have your Spurious t-shirt....make sure to look me up if I do not find you first!

rick ingram

sorry i didn't make up all the way to GR. i got to south of Kokomo, In. Thur am and had a small wiring problem, smoke!. cut the car off and smoke stopped. cked under dash and some melted wires (short section of white & brown wire). called home for friend to come up and take us back on tow dolley. got home fri. pm. cked and damage appears minor and repairable w/o complete main harness. may need a portion of main harness at connector to switch.
anyone have an scrap or usable portion of this one? will ck and advise with a dedicated thread on portion needed.
kelly stevenson

There was a pretty good turnout of V8's.
15 MGB's and 2 MGA's that I counted. The
rain also managed to stay away while I was
at the U M Show!
Regards, Jack
John Renaud

John is right about the count and there were some great looking V8s there.

I was helping with the parking on the field Saturday morning and we had more V8s show up then planned. We had to start parking them in rows set aside for other models


Bruce Wyckoff

Enjoyed seeing everyone there. The RV8 conversion was also a very well done car.

Just noticed I spelled Twist wrong. Typing text into a web site from a cell phone. The joys of technology.

Jim Miller

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