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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V-8 conversion...PLEASE HELP!!!

I'm trying to do a V-8 conversion, and have obtained a 1963 Buick 215, but have been unable to locate a tranny. I'd like to use a GM/Borg Warner T-5 from a firebird, camaro, or similiar, but can't seem to find anyone who knows what bellhousing I need or where to obtain one. I'd also consider a 2 speed powerglide auto if one could be had with the requisite bolt pattern for the 215 engine. If anyone has done this swap and knows what bellhousing I need; or even better - where to obtain one, I'd very much appreciate the help. Email me directly, or leave a reply here. I'd also be interested in any sources and or suggestions for engine parts, such as a cam, pistons, valves, etc. Thank you in advance for any help.
Gabriel Kulp

I believe that D&D( I think that's the name and place where I bought mine) has bellhousings that bolt up the t-5 to 215. I'll go check my invoice for ph. number to be certain, if no one else replies.good luck.

D&D Fabrications
8005 Tiffany, Almont MI 48003
They have everything you need, even a complete kit for the conversion.
Good luck

D&D is where I got mine. It was a small fortune, $260.00. . but well worth it. It's brand new and bolts right up! Like Dan said it would.
Wally Jonker

I have a "dual path" automatic transmission that came off of a 63 Oldsmobile 215" aluminum engine. I am unaware of a Powerglide for this application.
I had always shunned the idea of an auto trans in a sportscar. However, after putting a Buick 231" V6 into my 71 MGBGT along with a T350 auto, I've changed my mind. You can get all the response you want from an auto if you do the right tricks (shift kit, adj. govenor and adj. modulator).
E-mail me directly if you're interested (hint: it will cost you less than the bellhousing...).
Randy Forbes
Randy Forbes

Thank you for all the tips guys! Does anyone know which year/models of T-5 tranny's will work? I've been junk yarding today, and found a in a 4 cyl 1983 Camaro, and one in a v-6 1989 firebird.
Gabriel Kulp

You want to get a tranny out of a V8 doner car. This has 26 splines on the input shaft. I guess they're stronger. Also if you get one from an '88 or newer Camaro or Firebird, you get the "World Class" design which is better and has a .63 overdrive ratio.
(Correct me if I'm wrong guys)
I was lucky enough to find one out of a '92 V8 Camaro.
You can even use the Ford Mustang T-5 if you want to buy an addapter plate to bolt the GM bellhousing up. (Also supplied from D&D) Same years apply to the "World Class" I believe. (Correct me again)
It's certainly an option.
Wally Jonker

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