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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V6 total weight

During the BMC (British Modified Cars)meet on 23 Oct we used the scales that Robert brought with him from San Francisco 5-6 hour trip, he owns one of the best looking V8's with AC.In fact he drove the car to Grand Rapids.

Anyway, the 67 GT with a 2.8 4v carb, T-5 trans, coil over front end and Wilwood brakes and a full tank of gas, came to a grand total of 2257 lb 48.8% front and 51.2% rear the car was a 1/4" higher at front, with the coil over it can be adjusted to near perfect ratio between front and rear.

We had some very nice cars such as the MGA with a Jag V12 that runs at the tracks in Southern Cal. Jag rear end etc. MGA with a 3.8 Buick which was cover in Motor Trent magazine and other magazines including the UK, MG TD with a Ford V8 converted some 30 years ago B's with V6 etc. will post picures in the web page. We had a great time. We are going to do it next year.
Bill Guzman

Bill, like your website, I'm saving up for the coilover! My 3.4 V6 B weighed in at 2310(FWD FI/T5).
Bryan Heidtman

The 67 GT lighter. plus the carb set up is also lighter. If you had the Alloy head V6 it would be to lingt on the front, and the balance would be hard to achieve, you would have to add weight to the front.

That is the advantage with front and rear coil over, the weight can be distributed from side to side and front to rear and adjust for driver weight.

Don't forget to register. We are starting a V6 registry regadless of which V6 you may have. We will be starting a V6 only news letter with lots of tech articles and how to section.

If register you will be able to join BMC (British Modified Cars)A group dedicated to have fun.

Bill Guzman

Bill- I'm in, where do I register? Vic
vem myers

bill, was this weighing of cars some sort of low carb approach to owing a v6? glad to here robert and susan made it down for your show, thats why i didn't go, its too hard to lose in a car show more than 1 time per year to aunt B, send me the double top secret link to the v6 site, whats the staus of the rear end set up? ps, i found a donor engine and will be sendign you the head most likely in a couple months, jim
james madson

To register got to on the front page (scroll down)there is a place to sign in. At present we have about 20 registered. If you can find it just send me an e-mail with info on your car.

Year, model, type of V6, trans, state, and e-mail.
Soon we will have a BBS for V6 owners.

The weighing of the cars was sponsored by Weight Watchers of America. I fail to mention that the weight of my V6 GT went up when I sat on the driver seat, I got a free pass to....Weight Watchers.

Rear suspension will be ready soon.
Bill Guzman

Bill and thing you know we'll be taking our cars to "Curves" know...going to "Curves" so you can take the curves....
Mike Maloney

i got curves man!!! problemn is they are much different locations than when i was 25. i was hoping to take a run in the passenger seat of your bgt and provide a little ballast for you bill. later, jim
james madson

aunt B never worried about her wieght before and she's not going to start now.
robert milner

robert, like i told you in st louis, aunt b's main problem is she has 2 too many cylinders, without those her weight would be JUST fine, come on over to the (v6) dark side with opie, andy and barney!! and bill, no double secret link for robert, YET!!
james madson

Jim, I should have my 4.3L in the red sebring gt in about three weeks....I'll just drive out and let you provide some ballast...of course I'll have to unload all those compensating bowling balls in the passenger seat before you get in...
Mike Maloney

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