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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - V6 ,Please update your 2.8, 3.1, 3.4 conversion status/progress/developments!

Greetings to all,

I've been reading all the archives about Chevy 2.8, 3.1, 3.4 upgrades, EFI and carbs, T5 tranny, etc..

I notice that there are a lot of older threads on this subject, and I was hoping for updates from those more experienced. I've looked at most of the specific subjects, but am more interested in people's results; what worked, what didn't; V6 kits, pro & con; EFI vs Carbs; successful alternative engines not covered thus far... well, you get the picture. shows gear ratios to be: (2.95 1.94 1.34 1.00 0.74) (I've seen conflicting info on this BBS) Since I'm about to proceed with parts aquisition, all information will be appreciated. I have what I think I need. '95 Camaro 3.4 / t5 tranny; want to retain FI.

All success stories appreciated; I've seen most of the aol.danmas. site (and I appreciate all the work to make that site so effective), and the V8 convention pictures are an inspiration, big time!

Thanks to all for this site.

Steve Watson

are you aware of Bill Guzmans kit to do this?...........Greg
greg phillips


I am aware of Mr. Guzman's kit, hence my desire for feedback and end results from people who have actually used it, or their own designs, particularly those using EFI. The few people I've corresponded with on this have been very complimentary on this particular kit.

My question is more towards some of the V6 conversion people I saw in the archives, from 1999; Arthur Shaffer, Pete Plouf, Bobf from Maryland, and probably others I'm forgetting. Their end results may have been posted, and I just missed them. I was hoping for both technical results and comments, like HP etc..., but also for subjective results, like how does it feel, did they realize their expectations, and/or anything else for us planners/dreamers to do different or be aware of.


Steve Watson
'78 roadster


I am still around. My project has changed totally in the last year and a half. To summarize: The GT is an early car. Tunnel too narrow for swap. Got a rusty 74 to do. It is sitting next to a T5 and 2.8 out of a Camaro. Through the help ofall the posters you have listed, I have the blueprint to complete the swap. Two problems; my 67 continues to eat around $3,000 a year in parts, hence no spare capital (I think she is jealous and being a b**ch). The engine swap is going to need about 5 grand if done properly. Secondly, Camaro engine will NOT fit under the hood without a bulge if I keep the FI. I stoped at this point and considered a tube frame 302 for max thrill factor.

There are now 2 v6 swap kits on the market. One uses front wheel drive engines. Ironically, these are more performance oriented than the Camaro ones. The claim is that they DO fit under the hood with FI. Now I am back to considering the V6 swap. If my 67 GT eats ANOTHER engine and tranny this season, I am back to considering wether the next 3 grand would not be better invested by putting a FI V6 into an already restored car? I've yet to get more than 2000 miles a summer out of the GT.



Thanks for the response.

Sorry to hear about your GT. If my plans work out, I may have a healthy 1800 with good 4 speed and SU's available for someone in the fall.

Have you seen the pictures on Dan Wade's site?

They show an EFI 3.1 installation, from front wheel drive, like you mentioned. I don't believe he is offering his kit for sale yet, from what I can tell. Is this one of the kits you were referring to? I'm aware of Bill Guzman's kit. Is there another that you can refer me to?

Also, I was under the impression the Bill's kit was nearly a bolt in operation even for the earlier cars.

If nothing else, the pictures on Dan Wade's site should give you some inspiration; that motor looks great in the engine bay.

I'm leaning towards a '95 Camaro 3.4 with T5 tranny. The Camaro sites show 200 HP totally stock with an after-market chip and performance exhaust, which is plenty for me. Rover engines quite scarce around these parts, and I don't have the money or expertise to rebuild engines. The Camaro setup I can get for $2000 US, with all the ancillaries.

p.s., which engine is your GT eating, and why?

Thanks for the update, and good luck!

Steve Watson


Yes , the killer B is the other supplier. I like his stuff because it works with the front wheel drive engines which are aluminum heads and better ports. He also puts the fuel injection under the hood without a bonnet bulge.

As to my appetite for drivetrains, I put it down to 50 year old designs and 34 year old metals.I have yet to grenade an engine, but when I tear them down at the end of a year, the components are shot to the point where I need to replace the pistons, grind a crank, balance a crank and re-bearing the engine. I ussually opt to change something else while its apart, in the name of more power. Not cheap.
The 3 synchro trany I suspect, was never up to the job. However, since it was stuck on the back of my engine, I continued to use it. The last one was an OD version and it did go in a spectacular way; got 200 miles out of that one! It let go during a track day, so I wont go crying to the guy who sold it to me and re-built it. I also wont buy another from him or let him rebuild anything else.

The grat irony of this motorized mayhem is that I still have the original engine and trany for the car. It was re-built 20 years ago on a student's budget. I drove it back and forth from Toronto to South Dakota for 4 years. It continues to run and goes into the car everytime the latest-greatest engine gives up! The trany has never been re-built: it is a little noisy and jumps out of reverse, but it still works.


HEh, like steve I will have a 1800 and tranny sometime soon. I have my 302 all but done (the small things like exhaust, driveshaft and clutch slave remain..) and plan to start test fitting soon..

Sorry to hear about your engine. You sound pretty darn knowledgable, but have ytou tried researching why you find worn to junk items in the engine?? Are you really ushing the envelope power/tweak wise? I guess I just find it a bit surprising that you get 2K out of a rebuild. Would different oil help? thicker etc?

I ran mine good all summer and put 5K on her, she never skipped a beat, and being my 1st B (and 1st convertible) I really drove her good, every mile was enjoyed and maximized...
Larry Embrey

Bob Fish here. I am nearing completion on my Camaro V-6 and 5 speed swap into a '72 B. The FI does fit under the hood. My mechanic had to cut out the center portion of the hood brace, but, that was enough to clear the throttle body by about .5 - 1 inch. We decided to run the air intake forward of the radiator, necessitating cutting a gap in the radiator surround. He adapted some flex to the throttle body and turned it toward the passenger side and down to infront of the radiator to pick up cold air. They are prepping the car for primer now, as I want it complete for the V-8 meet in Fla. So, I haven't driven it yet. I do know that it somes and runs fine.
As far as performance parts go, I've found a guy in Ohio who has developed the Camaro motors fairly well. See my previous posts in the other V-6 thread.
Pete, email me at, as I have a lot of additional info available on V-6 conversion developments.

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