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There are quite a few V8 conversion websites out there with good info, but I have trouble keeping up with all of them. Enthusiasts like Nick, Tony, Larry and other have spent much time building their sites. I thought it would be good to have thread with all these sites listed for archival preservation.

I'll start it off with one most off y'all may not have seen, yet. Evan sent me an email to inform me that I had given him the V8 bug. He has been quite busy building his own MGV8 and documenting it here on this well-done website:

Okay, now post a link to YOUR website (or your favorite) so we will have 'em all together for future reference.

Okay. I guess no one wants to toot their own horn, so I'll do it. There are some great websites out there with lots of good info.

So here's a list I made:

Evan Amaya

Anthony Barnhill

Werner van Clapdurp

Larry Embrey

Paul Hunt

Paul Kile & the Sacramento Valley MG Car Club

Dan Masters

Nick Smallwood

Jim Stuart

Glenn Wakefield

Leon Zak

Who did I miss?

More pages

Jim Miller

Hey Jim,
I've got a friend moving out to Michiana and he may need some help with the car eventually. Its got a new motor with just over 100 miles on the engine, but he'll at least need help retorquing the head and resetting the valves. Is there anyone out that way he should get ahold of?

Canadian MGB V8 Register
Martyn Harvey

Good one Carl ! It's helped to tidy up my "favorites" Barrie E
Barrie Egerton

Oops. Sorry, I didn't mean to leave you out Martyn. I enjoy reading your Newletters. Time for another one?

Skye Poier's MGB Experience is a great resource for all things MGB. He hosts our local club's website, too:

Anyone know what happened to John Blenke & Moneypenny?

I would have liked to have added his site to our list. For his was one of the first websites that I came across when doing a 'net search for MG V8 conversion info years ago. I enjoyed reading about his experience with his MGV8 called Moneypenny. The weblink has long since quit working and I have often wondered what happened to John & Moneypenny.

Clive Wheatley's site w/ great pics of parts.

If we are including commercial sites, I don't want to leave out these guys:

D & D (Dan LaGrou)


Good links should stay at the top

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