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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - v8 newsletter

has anyone tried to access the british v8 newsletter lately? i have tried numerous times but get no response.

ja adams

I tried to log on and got the message that the document contained no data. Sounds like the site is an empty domain.
Jim Lema

I've not been pleased at all with the webserver the newsletter has been using. They have been down far too often. The new webmaster will be moving to a new web server soon.

Keep trying this one, as they usually come back up after an extended down period.

The newest issue will be online soon.

My apologies for the inconvenience.
Dan Masters

Dan, let me know if you have problems, I also switched services, and have become a reseller for the new service I am using.
Larry Embrey


Thanks. I'll be meeting with the new webmaster this Saturday, and I'll pass on your information.
Dan Masters

I met the new webmaster up in Michigan on Saturday. He is a great enthusiast with a lot of fresh ideas. I think you'll all be pleased....Ditto with the new webmaster!

Dan Masters will be publishing his "final" edition this coming week...names and e-mail addresses of the new volunteers should be in that issue.

Thanks, Dan, for all of your work over the past few years!

rick ingram
rick ingram

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