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If you've had your head in the sand like me wrt the existence of this Website then here is a heads up! lol

The V8 register of the MGCC have got their Website up and running. If you don't already have the V8 Workshop Notes and you own a Factory V8 then this is at least one good reason to join the MGCC and the V8 Register. You don't have to be a member of the MGCC to put your car on the actual Register, there is an online form available to do it.

Super helpful people as well - Victor Smith/Geoff Allen etc! :)

Neil Cotty

Gee, you know, we really should have a V8 conversion register.
Jim Blackwood

At the risk of the above comment being ironic the V8 Register includes conversions both GT and roadster, Costellos, RV8s and even X80 which probably should be changed to XPower SV.
Paul Hunt

How ironic! I never knew that. Thought it was only for original cars. Guess I'll wander over and register.
Jim Blackwood

The G

Hi Jim,
Actually, we do have a V8 Registar. NAMGBR (The North American MGB Register) has a V8 Registrar position, currently held by Dan Masters. The Register is for the most part conversions. Historically, not too many V8'ers have expressed an interest in joining. I was the Registar for several years and only had about 20 V-8's listed, though the MG V8 Newsletter had 300 or so subscribers. I would liike to see a lot more V-8'ers join NAMGBR, as the club does sponsor the annual V8 meet.
Kurt Schley

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