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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - Volvo V6 ?

Whilst looking into autoboxes for a Rover V8 conversion I have seen the Volvo 4 speed box mentioned as being worth considering.
As the 260/760 and early 960's V6's are now in the banger price range has anyone considered using the engine. It's the same 2849cc (and 2922cc) 90 degree unit as fitted to Peugeot 505, Renault 25, Espace, GTA / Alpine & Delorean. OHC design in carb or injection form. Basic details show 155bhp (260 carb) to 204bhp (960 injection)It has a bad reputation for eating cam shafts but that is something which can be cured with aftermarket items of better quality than the original.
It would make fitting the autobox easier as well as the donor car providing a suitable rear axle for narrowing.
Just an idea as I really fancy a V8 anyway !
Paul Humphries


If you want an MG with auto trans... I would consider the Chevrolet 60 degree v6 with the trans (700r4) from a Camaro v6. There are 2 different sized cases for the Camaro. The v8 model is a full sized 700r4 with the bolt pattern for the v8 block. The v6 model has a different (smaller) bolt pattern and case with one less clutch. Still a good trans. Has o/d and a lock up converter. If some of the internal parts are upgraded to High performance levels, (some Corvette parts fit)it would probably make a good package with the 3.4 V6 running fuel injection and an ECM. Some ideas I have been kicking around. I bet it would make a real nice cruiser. I like standard shift transmissions, have had a lot of them...but have you driven an automatic Corvette lately ?? Smooooth power .."bring us up to warp 9 Scotty" Suddenly I really don't want to be at a stop light, in the rain, on a steep hill, with some moron up against my back bumper waiting for the light to change, in 1st gear,handbrake on, and not stalling it. Alan FWIW

Probably worth very little to someone in the U.K., Alan, unless Vauxhalls(sp?) have similar models.
George B.

Further to my original message I'd like to add -
The Renault / Peugeot / Volvo V6 is an all alloy unit, the oil filter is mounted quite high up / points outwards instead of down and looks as if it would clear the chassis leg on mGB conversions. The carb set up is a downdraft Webber which, again, looks as if it might fit under the MGB bonnet. The fuel injection, at least on the models shown in my workshop manuals, is a simple "mechanical" sysytem with NO ELECTRONICS. A similar system has been running on my LPG converted Volvo for nearly 200000 miles without any adjustment or attention other than airfilter and fuel filter changes.
Best still it's an unloved engine so dosen't demand any value like a Rover V8 unit so complete cars can be picked up for scrap price or even free.
Paul Humphries

Details / pictures of the Volvo V6 can be found at -
Paul Humphries

Re Volvo v6 engine. I think that this is a modular engine. I have a Volvo with the B21f engine -4
cylinder and alloy crossflow head and K Jetronic FI - these engines also are available with a turbo (b21ft) that can easily put out 150+ Hp. I have often wondered if one would fit in a "B" ... 4 speed & o/d are options from Volvo. FWIW

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