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MG MGB GT V8 Factory Originals Technical - vw engine in a 76 mgb

Does anyone know anything about putting a vw engine in a 76 mgb? I know that some have put a v6 or a v8 in theirs but i'd like to go with a nice small four cylinder that i can squeeze some good horsepower out of that won't break the bank (i know that vw engines can be built brand new fairly cheaply, respectivly). also, i would like to mate it with a five or six speed gearbox. does anyone know of this being done before or know of a way that it can be done? any help would be much appreciated.

Aaron Dison

How does 200+ RWHP for under $500 grab ya? Thats about what you would be lookin at for a 2.3 turbo out of a TurboCoupe or Merkur(don't ask about trans though!) with room to grow once you decide to turn up the boost a little!

Good luck!

G.P. Copes

I seem to recall that Kennedy Engineering products in CA makes a bell housing to mate the VW FWD 1.7L or 1.8L engine to a Borg Warner T5 trany. Do not remember if the trany was a ford or GM version. VW 1.8T block may take the same bell housing, that would make for some great power! 240 lb ft is easy and guys are getting 400 lb ft out of that motor. I have not seen anyone do this yet but.....
Good luck if you go this route.

It would be an interesing fit being that the VW motor is a flat four, unless you're talking about the newer stuff.
Arayan Lias

No I was referring to the water cooled VW motors which are in-line 4 cylinders. So yes they could possible be made to fit into the B.



I'm not sure if this will help, but I remember seeing a fellow at a British car show a couple years ago with a turbocharged VW engine in his MGB. This show was near Madison, Wisconsin. I know they have a local MG club there. Maybe an email to the president might get you a lead. The guy's car was BRG with blue Wisconsin HOBBYIST licence plates. These plates are generally reserved for hot rods and customs, so I remember them standing out amongst the others. Sorry I can't be more specific.

Scott Wooley

Unless you find an engine which was used in a RWD application originally you'll probably spend the difference in adaptors, etc. to mate it to a 5 speed. Take a look at something like a Miata or one of the fours used in the small import trucks. In the long run it will probably be a lot more reliable with well matched components in the transmission, clutch area than a combination of parts from various sources and easier to service if required. Remember that many modern engines use computer controls for everything in the engine management system, so be prepared to spend some time sorting out the computer system for your application. Some engine designs have been around long enough for the older styles to have used carburation and distibutors, so these may be fitted to newer blocks to avoid the computer problems.
Bill Young

How 'bout an Olds Quad 4?

To see an MGB with one of these engines, check out the May 2002 issue of the British V8 Newsletter:
Dan Masters

Or how about a nice MGB engine putting out about 140 hp?

I really like the idea of a VW 1.8 Turbo from a 1998-2003 Passat. It sits North South in the engine bay so that helps the installation. Considering the number of people using VW motors in other types of cars and that the Germans keep bell housing patterns etc the same from model to model I think the conversion is very do-able. Many people on this BBS are using the Ford SVO T5 gearbox with there Rover V8, myself included. I also have a friend who uses this trany in his 1965 Jaguar S Type. We made the adapter plate in college, total cost $50 plus $150 for a used Jaguar manual bell hosuing and flywheel.

The nice thing with the VW 1.8T Passat engine is its available cheap and has a great torque curve and the potential for a ton of power mods.
No there is not a direct fit trany but check with Kennedy Engineering Products in CA for adapter plates.

Re: Olds HO Quad 4
I had one of these many years ago. The 180 hp HO version was a great free reving engine, if you could keep the head gasket together. The aluminum head didn't want to stay tied down to the iron block.

Anyway, thanks for the link! and they're located right here in Denver... who knew?

IIRC the Borg Warner T5 was also used with Chevy 2.8 liter V6 engines in the S-10 pickup trucks. The shifter is positioned farther forward on this version of the T-5 transmission, which might, or might not help with your layout.

I'm leaning more toward the GM ecotech engine, as used in Saturns. It has an aluminum block and head. These engines are cheap, and tuner parts are becoming available. Adapting to a RWD transmission is still an issue.
N. R. Leach

One of the Guys in the ZS register in UK is fitting a V6 MGRover Kv6 to a B

This would be a good project, the Kv6 rocks and is a true MG engine, multivalve quad cams et al.

If you are going to do it, do it right!

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